The series Who Killed Sarah? It’s indeed the biggest uncrowded hit in US Netflix history


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Two weeks ago we presented it. Despite the expectations towards the Spanish series Sky redIt was a Mexican thriller Who killed Sarah? Which has become the latest obsession for Spanish-speaking novels in the entire world. Now there is data that confirms this: according to private information NetflixAnd the An estimated 55 million accounts in the United States Watched or started watching a starring series Manolo Cardona And the Spanish language Genius Garcia Milan. His data makes the first show in the history of the company’s non-English speaking content in the US. Spanish movie Pajocero Also Confirms kind feelings with a staggering number of 47 million From views around the world.

The release of data for the first quarter left more interesting data. Fireflies dance, Series Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy), Was viewed by 49 million accounts in the first 28 days on air. In the field of Hollywood films, the most prominent of which are: Open top, Futuristic action movie with Anthony Macy (66 million); A day yes, Family comedy with Jennifer Garner (62 million); I care a lot, Black comedy with elements of excitement Rosamund Pike And you can see it in Spain Amazon Prime Video, s To All The Boys I Fall In Love With: ForeverThe conclusion of a book-inspired romantic trilogy Jenny Han (51 million).

At the back of PajoceroThe South Korean science fiction movie appears Brooms Specials (47 million accounts) and Polish romantic comedies Love squared (31 million). “We aim to create wonderful and authentic stories locally in countries around the world. This is why our priority to obtaining local language certificates is to have a major impact in the region of origin, so that we do not sacrifice local influence for survival. But we see more and more that these titles are Local finds large audiences around the world, which supports our hypothesis that great stories are global, ”they explain from the company in presenting the results.

If you are one of the millions addicted to Secret Who killed Sarah?, You can be calm. The second part of the season will premiere in less than a month, on April 19.

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