Disney Plus: The You Can’t Miss premieres January 2021


Disney Plus It already has a long list of premieres ready for 2021, starting with one of the year’s most anticipated series arriving in the early days of January.

2020 left us the second season of The Mandalorian (With this legendary inscription in which Luke Skywalker arrives to save Gogo and take him as a student in his good school, linking him to Kilo Rin and a terrible tragedy), announcing that we will get more results. star Wars (Such as The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and Rangers of the New Republic), as well as dozens of National Geographic documentaries and a slew of Christmas movies (between classic films and original productions), but their catalog is always growing and the New Year starts with some interesting titles.

What everyone is waiting for is the first show WandaVisionThe Scarlet Witch and Vision series based on comics such as House M.. The series follows Wanda as she is trapped in an alternate reality, apparently made by herself, where the vision is still fresh, and they are married and live in very strange versions of the classic TV series in the 1950s. Doctor strange Show up at some point to help Scarlet Witch break out of this crazy maze (which we can explore in 9 chapters).

But January does not come alone WandaVision (Since Netflix and HBO also have many firsts a month and one series is not enough), in Family Domain comes the movie. The one and only Evan, championship Sam Rockwell and Brian CranstonAbout a captive gorilla who enlists the help of an elephant to remember his past and implement an escape plan to regain his freedom.

This month is also coming Zipper, Who follows a young musician named Zach Sobic discovers he has terminal cancer and only has a few months to live. In limited time, Zak decided it was time to pursue his dream and make an album, without knowing that it would soon be a viral music phenomenon.

For movies (not the original Disney Plus movies) we have the first show The epic, The third movie from Dr.. Doolittle, The Book of Life And a movie about a dangerous expedition to climb the highest mountain in the world Everst top.

Disney He also promised to launch more productions in Latin America, and a series for younger children would come in this region. Arnoldo ristorantinoWhere we get to meet a passionate chef who decides to open his own restaurant to give the residents of his city the best gastronomic experience.

WandaVision It lasts until January 15th, however marvel Another premiere is ready for the first week of the month, it’s about Marvel Studio LegendsThat shows what arrived before MCU, To explore the greatest heroes and villains in comic history.


Series premiere:

  • Much Beyond: Create a Frozen II Movie – January 8th

  • Marvel Studios Legends – Jan 8

  • WandaVision – January 15

  • The life of a dog with Bill Farmer – January 15th

  • The Muppets Now – January 22nd

  • Pixar Popcorn – Jan.22

  • High School Musical: Music: Singing – January 22

  • Marvel 616-29 Jan

Special offers for the first show:

  • High School Musical: Musical: Series: Special – January 15th

New original Latin American production:

  • Arnoldo ristorantino (to be announced)

Other firsts:

  • Epic – Enero 8

  • Doolittle 3 – 15 Enero

  • Aragon – January 15th

  • Everest Expedition – January 15

  • Gender Revolution – 15 January

  • The Book of Life – January 22

  • In search of Amelia – January 22

  • Wild Uganda – 22 enero

  • Total Rhythm – January 22

  • Girl and Girl 2 – 22 January

  • Ramona and Bezos – 29 Enero

a series:

  • El Jardin De Clarilú – January 8

  • Art Attack, Season 3 – January 8

  • Doodling Science Season 3-4 – Jan 8

  • TOTS: Animal Delivery Service – January 15th

  • When the bell rings – January 15th

  • Veterinary Secrets, Season 2 – January 22

  • Tinker Science, seasons 5, 6 – January 22

  • My Home, My Ugly Beauty – Jan.29

  • Kikiwaka camp – January 29

  • Bluey – Jan 15

  • Disney Junior Lullabies – Jan 29

  • Pajama party – January 15th

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