Netflix errors about Elisa Lamm’s disappearance at the Cecil Hotel


Developed by Joe Berlinger Who was also on top Geoffrey Epstein: Dirty Rich s Ted Bundy tapes, The documentary explores the darkest aspects of death that have received the same pathological attention as a horror film.

However, many users of the streaming platform were not satisfied with how the case was reported. In principle, the various theories about death are claimed to be the nearly systematic inclusion “Some seem to be loaded to unnecessarily excite the length of the story.” As the author describes Meria Molor about Fotogramas.

But on the other hand, it also warns that this is a duality of edges “He is building a reflection that goes beyond Elisa Lam and focuses on the history of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, and the disputed area in which it is located.”

While Netflix did extensive work trying to debunk all the false theories circulating on the Internet, some viewers found this strategy confusing and claimed that the investigation was “completely distorted”.

“Giving great importance to netizens made the series less credible; even in your narration, important details were hidden that would help push the investigation forward. However, they prefer to focus a lot on creating an atmosphere of terror.” explained Mexican site talk.

In short, many users have asserted that the documentary series ends with “long” of what you should even tell “Solved by making a one-hour documentary.”


Other than opinions, it is an issue that has shocked public opinion and has as many theories as there are humans willing to analyze them. Therefore, the best way to draw conclusions is to delve into the proposal and assess the persuasiveness of the story of an event that is still controversial today.

The death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian student who was traveling to the United States. Her body was recovered lifeless from the Cecil Hotel’s water tank on February 19, 2013, after it was reported missing earlier that month.

From the start, her absence captured the attention of the press, but the interest intensified five days before her discovery, when the Los Angeles Police released a security camera video of an elevator, along with pictures of the last time she was seen.

The last minutes of Elisa Lam

In the recording, Lam is seen leaving the elevator and coming back, speaking and pointing in the hallway and sometimes hiding inside. The tape quickly went viral on the Internet, sparking all kinds of speculation, to the point where some people claimed it was evidence of supernatural activity.

Finally, the autopsy reported no evidence of physical trauma and claimed that the method of death was accidental. However, this news did not satisfy the citizens who turned into improvised investigators, who continued to uncover all kinds of arguments, with some even daring to say that the case has unusual similarities to the 2002 Japanese horror film Dark Water.

Where do you see Elisa Lam’s case?

You can watch documentaries on Netflix. In Chapter 1, as the site describes, “The Cecil Hotel is a terrifying place for Elisa Lam to disappear and her recent photos taken in an elevator unleash a viral hunt. For the second, the problem of“ online investigators ”is addressed and a shocking discovery that changes the course of history is announced.

Episode Three mystery intensifies and case nerds fall into the maze of a dead-end plot. The latter demonstrates how suspicion, despite what the expected autopsy indicated, remains. “Today, an unlikely suspect speaks publicly, and experts consider unresolved mysteries,” concludes the platform’s website.

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