Doctor searches YouTube tutorials for surgery

Doctor searches YouTube tutorials for surgery

come to medical It is not always a pleasant experience, especially when the reason for the consultation is to exclude or reaffirm the need for some kind of operation, which can generate a little stress, anxiety and even fear in patients, depending on its severity. The diagnose.

This is the case of a patient in a hospital in United State, who was feeling somewhat upset and insecure while waiting for a cyst to be removed. What surprised him most when he realized that his doctor was seeing a tutorial at Youtube before running it.

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Viral: “catch” it medical Vision Tutorials at Youtube before surgery

passed tik tok where the user Tweet embed Share a video quickly went viralsince it is obvious how the doctor and other health professional are watching a tutorial on Youtube Related to the operation they were about to perform on the patient to remove a cyst.

Immediately afterwards, the camera focuses on the patient lying on a stretcher, with a interest.

The small go up to tik tok The video And the text added to it: “The doctor looks at A Youtube video About how to treat cyst.” He also added in the description. “He received his undergraduate degree studying at the University of Youtube“.

clip quickly Spread on TikTok So far more than 800 thousand “likes”nearly 9 thousand comments, more than 21 thousand shares and approx 6 million views.

Tweet embed They received their MD from YouTube University #MakeItCinematic #fyp #GameTok ♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

The video raises controversy among traders

distance section become a trend tik tokThis divided opinions on the platform, because of its supportive comments and interest, whether for the young woman, the situation, or others in favor of the doctor.

One user stated, “I, a mentally ill, reject doctors for searching on Google when their sources are the same as mine.”

Other traders asked the girl what she expected her doctor to be a “mobile encyclopedia” of medical knowledge:

“Part of being a doctor is knowing how and where to get reliable resources for all diseases. I don’t see anything wrong here. I’m a nurse and doctors do it all the time,” said one netizen.

“I promise you you want this about a doctor who thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. I have given birth to hundreds, if not thousands of babies, and have spent the past week researching cesarean delivery techniques. There is always room for improvement!”

Tiktoker recognizes medical work

Looking at this and how the video went viral, tiktoker wrote “For the last time, I thank all the doctors and nurses and I understand they don’t walk in encyclopedias, this tiktok was just a joke…I’m glad it reactivated my memory and helped me all the time! My friend and I laughed that this is happening before us.”

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