video. The plane skidded off the runway when landing and almost crashed

video.  The plane skidded off the runway when landing and almost crashed

Horror moments suffered by the crew of A DC-3 . aircraft that covered the Inírida-San Felipe road, in Guanía, when the plane suffered a caliber Fail to land.

In a video, you can watch the exact moment when the plane lands on a rural runway, and according to the Civil Defense, suffered a breakdown onto the landing gear and slipped off the runway.

And soon the army and relief agencies, including ambulances, arrived at the scene for an ambulance.

In a new shot, it can be seen that the DC-3 is a model Alianza Airlineson one side of the runway and a member of its crew departs – by his own means – through the aircraft’s tailgate.

According to the information provided by the captain of the plane, Diego Arias, during the landing, they could not control the plane, which turned left and took off from the runway. Both crew and Six passengers were unharmed.

For its part, the civil aviation company reported that the possible malfunction was in one of the plane’s tires, which could have deflated or exploded during landing.

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