Doctor shares guide to getting the best approach to medicine

Doctor shares guide to getting the best approach to medicine

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The doctor, Edson Escandon, has spread a video clip in your profile tik tok He gave some recommendations for the best medical curriculum This will allow you to work in any hospital of your choice.

According to the university internist’s video, you should score between 11 and 12 points. The first points that stand out for a good resume are high grades in the first two years of the degree, with the aim of standing out from other applicants.

Another point is to attend at least one conference a year to give more weight to a medical student’s biography. On the third point, the creator recommends it During the second year of the degree, start teaching to confirm knowledge.

At another point he explains The importance of learning foreign languages ​​such as English, a tool that will give more relevance to your CV. The following points he raises revolve around it Obtain awards, letters of recommendation and published documents that come from or relate to reputable health institutions.

The following tips relate to the participation of shifts, whether in national or international forums that can generate experience relevant to the curriculum.

The following points talk about constantly updating and taking courses to thicken the CV, according to the doctor’s video. Finally, emphasize that you must excel in leadership positions and perform social service in places that allow you to further improve your resume and continue to prepare for the ENARM exam.

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