Doctors remove a dentist's needle from a 4-year-old girl's brain

Doctors remove a dentist's needle from a 4-year-old girl's brain

Visits to dentist It's terrifying for children and adults, but the fact that a tool from this brain specialist remains in the brain after review is deeply disturbing. Doctors of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) faced this exceptional situation and were able to extract Dentist needle this little girl The four year old was nailed on brainIn a very complex and unprecedented process.

The Catalan Hospital Center reported on Monday about this “unprecedented” operation performed in May 2023 by doctors Josep Rubio, pediatric maxillofacial surgeon, and José Hinojosa, pediatric neurosurgeon, in which they were able to remove Dentist anesthesia needle Which migrated to the little girl's brain.

Despite the risks, the operation was successful and the girl recovered without brain damage or neurological sequelae.

How did one get? Dentist needle to brain Follower little girl?

Digital media outlet Vanguardia published the story of the little girl's mother, who took her daughter to a dentist in Barcelona to treat tooth decay, but… Anesthesia needleIt stuck to her and reached the little girl's nervous system.

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The mother indicated that at first they saw that the syringe was taken out of the girl’s mouth, but without the needle, which caused great concern among the family. Many dentists tried to remove the needle, but the more they touched it, the more it sank until one of them called Dr. Josep Rubio, head of the Department of Facial Surgery. And jawans at San Juan de Deu Hospital, to ask for advice.

The doctor, who was present at a conference in Tenerife, recommended that the girl be transferred to the hospital, where she was admitted and upon her return, she underwent a successful surgery.

Intervention details

The family reported the intervention, highlighting that it was much longer than expected because the needle slipped through one of the small holes through which nerves and arteries pass and occurs. surgery It was very sensitive.

During the intervention, specialists had to make an incision on the right side of the little girl's head so they could extract the needle. The girl was admitted to the hospital for a week, and she developed well, and the surgeons considered that she did not suffer from any sequelae, except for the scar.

Details of the above-mentioned surgery were presented last February at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Scientific Neurosurgery, held in Baeza (Jaén).

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