Does a plant-based diet help fight menopause? Science says yes

Does a plant-based diet help fight menopause?  Science says yes

The old age It is a condition that all women have to reach at some point in their lives. In addition to stopping menstruation, it also brings with it some drawbacks.

Interestingly, a new scientific study has just discovered that a certain type of diet helps reduce uncomfortable effects. old age.

Here we explain why this type of diet helps you get through this period of life without too many problems.

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What is menopause?

its name old age By the time a woman reaches the end of her period due to the natural decline in reproductive hormones.

We are talking about a normal biological process accompanied by some physical symptoms such as hot flashes and some emotional symptoms (especially depression).

In addition, due to the above, there is usually a change in the sleep cycle and a decrease in energy.

It is usually diagnosed after twelve months without a menstrual period.

It usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 50, but lifespan varies greatly, and can extend beyond the average age of 51.

Just because they experience so many changes in this period of their lives, women in this age group They are often more susceptible to diseases such as COVID-19.

Vegetarian diet and menopause

There are currently many effective treatments available to reduce the imbalances they cause old age From hormonal therapy to lifestyle modifications.

It is precisely in this latter sense that science has discovered that a change in eating habits can help women living through this period of their lives.

According to the conclusions a study Conducted by researchers at George Washington University, led by Dr. Neil Barnard, women who switched to a plant-based diet rich in soy during old age They can reduce the number of hot flashes they experience by up to 84% without consuming any additional medications.

hot flashes

In general, most women who begin to experience old age Hot flashes from the chest.

These hot flashes cause excessive sweating, redness of the face, and rapid heartbeat, and the episodes generally last from two to thirty minutes and repeat throughout the day.

While doctors have long prescribed estrogen-containing medications to treat these symptoms, they have recently been found to increase the risk of diseases, including breast cancer, menopause and weight gain.

This is exactly why it is important to find alternative ways to combat it.


The George Washington University study included 38 women—all of them old age– For 12 weeks.

All participants reported at least two hot flashes per day prior to participating in the experiment.

They divided the participants into two groups, one of whom adhered to their regular diet while the other switched to a plant-based diet.

The vegetarian diet, in addition to being low in fat, includes half a cup of cooked soybeans per day, which they ate for 12 weeks.

Not only did the average number of moderate to severe hot flashes drop from an average of just five to one per day, but they were completely eliminated in 59 percent of the women by the end of the trial.

The diet did not include medications or hormonal treatments, only a low-fat, cooked soy diet.

It doesn’t just eliminate hot flashes

But not only did this diet reduce hot flashes, a significant portion of the participants also reported that it improved their mood, energy, and libido.

To make matters worse, many of the women said the diet resulted in improved digestion and significant weight loss.

“This was basically a lifesaver for me. It restored my quality of life. An anonymous participant said I slept better and the hot flashes decreased dramatically.

In conclusions, Dr. Barnard points out that the study showed that before switching to any kind of medication, it would be best to try this route, as it is relatively easy, cheap and has fewer health risks.

The secret will be soybeans

Although it’s still too early to conclude anything, Dr. Barnard’s team suspects soy will be the most important factor.

According to specialists, the beneficial effects against hot flashes of soybeans can come from the so-called isoflavones they contain.

Isoflavones are compounds metabolized by intestinal bacteria sobrietyIt is a natural estrogen.

In addition, vegetarian and vegan diets help the body produce higher levels of eukol.

So, you know, a plant-based diet – or at least vegan with soy – can be an interesting alternative for living through menopause without too many problems.

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