Domingo Lemos triumphed in the United States with the introduction of Guatemalan culture into his music


What a chile every time Guatemala Reach other corners outside the country! This is why the actor and singer Domingo Lemos succeeded in the United StatesBearing Guatemalan culture in its music And spaces to coexist with other chapels.

We had the opportunity to speak with this talented singer, who not only told us the details of his tour but also shared his news. Hollywood Show. Such pride!

Guatemalan actor and singer will give a concert in a symbolic place in Hollywood

Domingo Lemos is Guatemala Known for his participation in Guatemalan films such as pure ofAnd the Unidentified flying objects at Zacapa and Hostal Don Tulio. But he also rose to prominence in music, which led him to transcend the borders of the country and take Guatemala to North America.

Description of the image for the visually impaired: a man holding a harp in his hands, looking up. (credit: Monica Walter Palmieri)

That is why he recently toured various places, having connections with other Guatemalans in the United States.

As he tells us, part of the factors that influenced this achievement, on the one hand, the fact that he devotes himself to making music and cinema has allowed the Guatemalan community abroad to draw closer to their country of origin.

This is due to the fact that many Guatemalans have not returned to the country for more than 10 years and through films such as Borro Mola, UFOs at Zacapa and Hostal Don Tullio, People define and generate a sense of nostalgia, allowing artists to project themselves within sectors and groups Guatemalan immigrants living in the United States.

Domingo Lemos movie pure mule

Description of the picture for the blind: Three men and a woman holding some Puru Mola films. (Credit: Domingo Lemos Official Boro Mola)

On the other hand, he also noted that thanks to the support and efforts of these sectors of Guatemalans «who have always tried to develop society in some way» What is produced in Guatemala. This is how Domingo made his first tour, and he was able to attend the Trenton Parade in New Jersey and coexist.

Later, he was approached by Riccardo Buzzati, with whom he is currently on his second tour in Los Angeles, California, where he not only gives music shows, but also gets along with more of his business companions.

Domingo Lemos Restaurant ix Guatemala United States

Description of the picture for the blind: a man holding a microphone in his right hand and a harp in his left hand. (credit: Monica Walter Palmieri)

“There is a need to know Guatemala”

During the interview, Domingo Lemos also commented:Need to know Guatemala“People feel a lot of nostalgia for the place where he was born and for his roots.

Likewise, he has met people who have expressed their happiness to reconnect with Guatemala through the films and music of Domingo, who is very grateful to have been a part of their passions and brought them a piece of our country.

Sundae Limos Guatemala

Description of the picture for the blind: a man on stage. (credit: Tavo Salazar)

In light of this, he expressed the following:For a moment, they can forget the problems they face as immigrants and can feel the way they are: Guatemalans and very valuable human beings who have feelings, hopes, hopes, and I think this is art, sometimes a balm for life».

His tour in the United States

He has been to Trenton, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, which is why through his tours of the United States, this talented Guatemalan not only brought his art, but also co-existed.

Sunday Lemos US Tour

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: a man in the middle of an armchair, a guitar in his hands. (credit: Domingo Lemos)

One of the most important events is its presentation and VIP dinner at Hollywood Celebrity Scientology Center, California, where there will also be an art show.

Domingo Lemos stated that this Hollywood show is «Opportunity to access these larger areas“This is what René Paniagua has endorsed Guatemalan Immigrants Association of Los Angeles (AMGLA)So is Francisco Sainz Polo Gabilondo – Grandson Gabilondo Soler.”CREE CREE– Which opened the doors for them to appear in such a famous place.

Sundae Limos in Hollywood

Image description for the blind: Building with letters that say Scientology Center of Fame. (Credit: ReadSector)

Without a doubt, we are very proud that a part of Guatemala comes to the United States and inspires so much love to the Guatemalan community that resides in that country! Did you already know that at we have a Telegram channel? Join this invitation link.

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