Dominican bishops show their solidarity with the “persecuted” Catholic Church in Nicaragua

Dominican bishops show their solidarity with the “persecuted” Catholic Church in Nicaragua

the bishops Dominicans expressed their solidarity with “oppressed” And “violatedThe Catholic Church in Nicaragua expressed its “pain” because of the “unfair sentence” of Mgr. Rolando Jose Alvarez LagoWho was sentenced by a court last February to 26 years in prison.

“We are pained by the unjust condemnation of Mgr Rolando Jose Alvarez LagoTo priests, pastoral agents, and lay prisoners, the status of parishes matagalpa Leon is inappropriately deprived of its shepherds,” said a document of the Dominican Bishops’ Conference (CED).

Alvarez, bishop of the diocese matagalpa And the Apostolic Administrator of Estelí, he was sentenced for “treason of the homeland”, after refusing to go into exile with other members of the Catholic Church in his country and after remaining in prison since August 2022.

the church Dominican Catholics stressed that the threats and expulsion of religious congregations aroused “outrage”, as well as the confiscation of Catholic universities, the revocation of the citizenship of those who oppose the established regime, and the impediment to the expression of faith on the streets in Nicaragua.

He also lamented the persecution of ecclesiastical groups and social groups, as well as the “attempt to silence the ecclesiastical and national leadership by the regime.” Daniel Ortega“.

“At some point in our history we had to go through the facts similar “At the end of an iron dictatorship,” the document read, referring to the tyranny imposed by Rafael Trujillo Molina (1930-1961) in the Dominican Republic.

Bishops Conference Dominican He conveys “to our dear brothers, bishops of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua and to all people, as we did in the letter we sent to the Episcopal Conference in Nicaragua in August 2022, our spiritual closeness and solidarity in suffering and the promise of our prayers for the God of Life, for the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords.”

And this, according to the bishops, “to give them perseveranceFreedom, tranquility and confidence in those who assure us of their victory despite the difficulties.”

We entrust to you, in a special way, our Mother Mary, Immaculate, whom the Lord loves so much Nicaraguathey added.

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