‘Don’t Look’ or Naked by Meryl Streep, which Leonardo DiCaprio opposes


In your last job, “don’t look” (“don’t look” in English), Meryl Streep Had the opportunity to give life to boss From the United States and also a star in a moment rarely seen on screen when it comes to a character of a certain age: completely naked. But the truth is that this naked is being Comfort So it has been “thanks” to the magic of cinema ever since Leonardo DiCaprio (47) I stood against.

The actress was more than willing to undress in front of the cameras age 72, but they ended up using one double hull to film this scene. Reason? your co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio He wasn’t even hearing about the possibility of actually getting naked in a Netflix production.

“It is for him like kings From the world of cinema. Although defining it as a monarchy may not be entirely a compliment… but she considers her a very important figure in the history of the seventh art,” the film’s director, Adam McKay, has now explained that he is trying to justify the actor’s reaction during an interview with the newspaper. Watchman.

In particular, it looks like DiCaprio was especially uncomfortable With the idea of ​​turning Meryl into someone who doesn’t deserve more than a divorcee With Regards, even if it was for the demands of the text, but on the other hand, she didn’t mind being left aside elegance that you would expect in real life.

Be careful, spoilers and tattoos are coming

If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t keep reading, because nudity won’t really surprise you, but what we’ll tell you next will. Namely, that Meryl’s character, among other things, ends up giving the final bell by getting a tattoo almost above her backside. And Leo, who is very modern about his stuff (especially, because he still feels so young), since she’s a famous actress, isn’t very modern.

“I didn’t want to see it with a stretch tattoo In the small part of the back, they walk naked even for a moment. I wonder something like if we really should show it that way. She told him it wasn’t really Meryl Streep, but President Orleans. But she didn’t blink and didn’t mention it.”

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