‘It Was Too Hard’: How Meryl Streep Became President of the United States (And How She Got Her Back From Trump)


In January 2017, Meryl Streep received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes, but that achievement was overshadowed by a long speech with a logical enemy, though never mentioned: Donald Trump, just months ago, was elected President of the United States.

“There was a performance that surprised me this year,” the actress’s words were a kind of prelude to her complaint, in reference to the businessman himself, when he mocked in a letter months before Serge Kowalsky, a disabled journalist from The New York Times. On that occasion, Trump made gestures to imitate the professional’s movements, in addition to bending his wrists and mutilating his face.

The actress continued: “This performance didn’t surprise me because it was good. There was nothing good about her. But she was effective and did her job. He made his target audience laugh… and show his teeth. That was the moment when a person who could sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he had surpassed in excellence, authority, and responsiveness. The instinct to humiliate, when exercised by a powerful public person, seeps into everyone’s life, because it gives others permission to do the same.”

The translator was greeted with applause. Moreover, he said that he will not return a single millimeter in progress in the field of women’s rights and sexual opponents.

Recently, Streep managed to jump out of the trench and embody the object of his hatred and rejection. To Trump himself, though he didn’t mention it either. A denial leader distrusts science and uses any subterfuge to cling to power.

in a do not search, the recently released Netflix movie, plays Janie Orlean, the President of the United States who has the task of listening to two astronomers who warn her of a comet that will strike Earth and within six months will destroy the entire human race.

Commercial Record. NIKO TAVERNISE / NETFLIX © 2021

At first, Aurelian didn’t read that you believe anything. Then, when he sees it could be a tool to increase popularity — especially in the face of legislative elections — and camouflage some personal scandal, he embraces the science event and goes to work to halt the impending knockout.

Despite what it may seem, the three-time Oscar winner said the challenge of playing a Trump replica wasn’t easy, mainly due to a temporary factor: Film recordings were in a pandemic, when she was completely paralyzed, without socializing and almost “forgot to act.”

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, he commented, “It was really hard for me. It felt weird in confinement. He hadn’t spoken to anyone in three weeks. But when we got to the set, it was like, ‘Wearing a wig, your nails, your suit,’ And deliver your speech to a lot of people. I forgot how to act, I forgot what I was doing. Somehow it disassembles your humanity to be isolated like this. But thank God for Jonah for making us laugh.”

His allusion to Jonah Hill, the actor who plays his son and somewhat of a presidential advisor.

In fact, one of the first photos the actress had to score was her appearance as the boss in front of hundreds of people when on the national network she detailed a plan to fight off the ominous comet. “I’ve been in quarantine for a long time and my first scene in the movie was walking into a stadium full of 20,000 people, putting my face in there, it was so challenging. I couldn’t remember anything.”

“Obviously there weren’t 20,000 people there. There was much less. The modification later did its job. But it was very strange and disturbing to re-register,” the American described in the same conversation.

Despite the intensity of his return to the slopes, Streep did not use the film’s promotion to “review” Trump or attack his character. Despite the fact that the Republican himself, after the artist’s intervention at the Golden Globes, treated her as an “exaggerated” actress.

He simply commented that Aurelian’s character was inspired by “many places and characters”.. He then continued, “There are a lot of people in public office who have a lot to do with her. It was fun to put together this character’s characteristics of all those and his desires to have a lot more power and money and more power and more money. Then great hair and perfect nails. Unfortunately, We’re paying for that now, to be a public actor you have to make a lot of sacrifices and not everyone can do that. We need these people more than ever”

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