Half the world found in ‘Don’t Look For’ the Christmas comedies as coronavirus once again made us slaves to our homes. The film crew has reputable names like that Meryl Streep Leonardo DiCaprioAnd Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande s Jennifer Lawrence, which brings to life Adam McKay’s characters make fun of politicians, TV presenters and billionaires. But it is not only the script that is responsible for telling the jokes, but the fashion plays an essential role in enhancing the character (absurdity) of each of its protagonists.

Cate Blanchett on “Don’t Look”. (Netflix)

From Meryl Streep’s “Don’t Look Up” hat, which works like Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” “Maga Hat” to the studded and colorful dresses of Chiara Boni The Petite Robe Worn by Cate Blanchett, which thus becomes a parody of Fox hosts who in real life wear the Trump team’s brand of fetishism and have more wrinkles and facets than journalistic standards, the film’s aesthetics speak for themselves.

Cate Blanchett on “Don’t Look”. (Netflix)

“There’s a certain style in television, especially on the late news shows mixed with entertainment where the people in front of the camera are unoriginal, cut the same style and dressed the same way every time,” Cate Blanchett explains the look of her ambitious character, Brie Evante, who wears red Or blue or white to constantly remind its audience that it’s the “Made in America” ​​motto.

Meryl Streep, en “Don’t Look”. (Netflix)

Meryl Streep creates a jacket that fits into a ‘power suit’. Like Berry, it makes the colors of its national flag. The actress wears Armani suits and a gorgeous watch piaget With a lot of history: It’s the Extremely Lady model, and it’s the model I wore Jackie Kennedy in the White House.

Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet, “Don’t Look For.” (Netflix)

To shape Yule’s wardrobe, she played the character Timothée ChalametThe film’s fashion director, Susan Matheson, designed some special looks for him and went to secondhand stores which, she asserted, aren’t the “luxury” places where Hollywood stars buy their vintage designs. The actor even wears a commercial hoodie from makeup band, Noah’s Flood. Leonardo DiCaprio breathes life into an astronomer whose fame is eating away at him, so steer clear of jeans fibrous and sports new balance For the costumes of Valentino and Brunello Cucinelli. His classmate, Jennifer Lawrence, wears Scott jackets, MoMA combat boots, and plenty of vintage clothes.

Ariana Grande, en “Don’t Look”. (Netflix)

To create looks for Ariana Grande, Matheson collaborated with the creative director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli. We suppose her daughter is a huge fan of hers which has a lot to do with the enthusiasm the designer showed when working on the singer’s wardrobe, who sent her some special requests to include in her nail art.

Ariana Grande, en “Don’t Look”. (NetliFX)

Grande’s white feather bodice dress features from Valentino’s ‘Of Grace and Light’ fall 2021 haute couture collection, which adds an endless tulle train to produce an aesthetic reminiscent of a sea creature. Feathers were the special effects coordinator’s worst nightmare, Cory Canderley. “I swear I blew up houses and cars and had to shoot people, but I’ve never been so nervous like that damn dress,” he confirmed, because Ariana had to perform with him on the whole stage. of fireworks.

Jonah Hill y su Birkin falso inseparable. (Netflix)

Finally, a final detail. Jonah Hill plays the son of the President of the United States, and in a parody of Ivanka Trump, the camera repeatedly stops in her bag. It’s a copy of the legendary Hermes Birkin Which Matheson found on Amazon for about 30 euros.

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