Dresser, Silva Herzog and Aguilar Kamen

Dresser, Silva Herzog and Aguilar Kamen

Carlos Loret speaks with Dennis Dresser, Jesús Silva Herzog Márquez, and Hector Aguilar-Kamen Regarding the escalation of the conflict in Israel following the unprecedented attack organized by the group agitation. In this regard, they evaluated the extent of the response of the government headed by the President. Andrés Manuel Lopez ObradorThey agree that it goes back to old leftist ideas that distance themselves from the current reality, in addition to the lack of coordination between officials and the president.

In addition, they analyze the consequences of the attack and the Israeli government’s response to it PalestinePointing out that the state of instability will increase even for… Russia and the United States.

Finally, they present their analysis of the development of the election campaigns for each of the opposition Xochitl Galvez Like an official Claudia Sheinbaum. As for the candidate Wide foreheadthey warn that the initial motivation they received is not clear, and regarding the Morinistas, they point out that the results have not yet been determined, so their trust strategy may fail.

See also: Bruzzo and Loret talk in front of the huge wall that displays the president’s ambivalence, and the countdown toward the end of the operadorato begins.

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