Dune Spice Wars, the sci-fi RTS game, will be faithful to the action and arrive early


Shiro Games has successfully resolved some of the doubts in the FAQ about the real-time strategy video game.

The latest edition of The Game Awards gave us a presentation of a new video game from real time strategy on the basis of work Science Fiction by Frank Herbert, recently adapted for the big screen by Denis Villeneuve. Its developer, Shiro Games, is published at steam “Frequently Asked Questions” that helped us get an overview of what the Wars for Spice might look like.

First of all, the game will not be limited to real-time strategy, but will also include 4X items. Its gameplay is described by Shiro Games as somewhat slower than a typical RTS, as it is able to pause and fast forward, adding Exploration, territorial control, economic activity, politics, and espionage, making it a 4X title, but without detracting from the RTS experience.

We will be able to construct buildings in our base of operations, although we will not manually deposit them on the ground, since it is A game on a larger scale than the popular RTS game. Currently, only two Houses have been announced as playable factions, and Atreides and Harkonens, although the studio plans to release two more teams, to be followed by a fifth faction that arrives during Early Access.

Dune: Spice Wars will be faithful to the work of Frank Herbert

Developers have noted that many shows have been made differently from the original work in previous video games, movies, or comics over the years. An example is the color Atreides’ costume bannerDescribed in books as green and black, while they are usually represented in games of blue color.

Dune Spice Wars will arrive early 2022Factions like House Ordos are mentioned in the Dune Encyclopedia and in the game. Dune 2, while never before in the works of Frank Herbert. This has led to Shiro Games Focus on those factions found in the books And leave the rest for later. Prior to Dune Spice Wars, the studio was honored for the great Viking strategy title, Northgard, however, the studio acknowledged that there is very little Northgard in Dune Spice Wars, this is a game on a much larger scale.

Imagine de Dion: The Spice Wars

Procedural maps and unique locations

Sand Dunes: The Spice Wars will appear Maps are procedurally formedWe must take into account their different sizes, wind strength and sandworm activity. These maps will have unique places This will be a surprise for book readers, with accurate references to the literary work.

The studio also expressed its enthusiasm with the format early access in which the game will operate, recognizing the existence of fun experiences In previously released games. Early Access would have allowed them to have a better balance in the game thanks to player feedback, and the ability to adapt the release schedule to Meet user expectations.

Imagine de Dion: The Spice Wars

Adherence to the “cartoon” artistic style

The technical department seeks to break the monotony of the desertThe visual section of the game was one of the most striking aspects and as explained by its developers, Striving to avoid monotony. One of the problems they encountered when creating the game was activating it desert planet. This could cause them to become tasteless over time, so they even worked with geologists who specialize in deserts to shape the elements that could exist in an environment like this. On the other hand, the artistic direction sought to add Items that provide a variety of colors and shapes So that the environment does not become boring.

The game will appear Multiplayer modeEven though they are currently focusing on the main game mode, they have confirmed that this will be so major update during early access. He will be the last of the great absentees The main campaign that will not exist During the launch release, though, it will also arrive throughout Early Access.

As for post-launch content like DLC, Shiro Games has admitted that it hasn’t made plans for it at the moment, in the same way as mods, as its access will depend on demand. Dune: Spice Wars will arrive all year 2022 on PC, relying on several languages, among which we will find Spanish. Today we were talking about one of the most interesting things in the series, and it has to do with one of its canceled games, the promising title for the Game Boy Advance that was retrieved on a successful Kickstarter.

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