Dwayne Johnson’s XFL and NFL Team Up for Football Growth Plan

Dwayne Johnson’s XFL and NFL Team Up for Football Growth Plan

Whatever Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson touches seems to turn to gold. That’s a credit to his incredible worth ethic and boundless charisma. And now he’s expanding his sphere of influence once again.

While Johnson is mostly known for his movies, with one blockbuster after another, the movie star has just returned to sports, where he essentially started. According to Variety, the XFL, which is owned by Johnson, has joined forces with the NFL in a deal designed to grow the game of football.

Improving Play on the Field

The collaboration could make for an interesting time in the NFL. After the recent Super Bowl proved a poor showing in the ratings, it would appear that the game could use a helping hand. Not that there aren’t already ways to make watching any game more exciting, such as fantasy football or using a Wynnbet promo code to bet on the over/under market. But the Super Bowl itself wasn’t the most thrilling game, in addition to the low ratings. And the NFL is always looking at how to improve the product on the field.

The new deal between the two leagues will be based on helping the NFL develop physical and mental training techniques, better rules, and new systems. The XFL won’t be hosting games in its league, at least to begin with. Instead, it will be working in multiple training environments in order to improve the play on the field and to innovate around in-game experiences.

A One-Season Wonder

Johnson wasn’t associated with the XFL when it was started in 2001. It was founded by another wresting figure – The WWE’s own Vince McMahon. The aim of the league was to compete with the NFL by encouraging more extreme play and doing away with some of the fundamental safety rules. However, ratings fell after week one, and the league only lasted a single season.

McMahon returned to give the league a reboot, and in 2020, the league began to host games again. Unfortunately, the pandemic intervened and the remainder of the season was all but cancelled. The XFL went bankrupt, and Johnson stepped in with business partner Danny Garcia to buy the league for $15 million.

Only time will tell if the partnership will prove to be commercially viable. For one thing, working with the NFL, as opposed to competing with it, gives Johnson firmer footing than the earlier iteration. From both a practical and business stance, it would seem that Johnson will be helping the league achieve more success.

Global Scouting and Development

The collaboration could also potentially lead to global scouting and football development, as well as officiating, which includes the testing of rules for improved overall play and player protection, and of various technologies to improve officiating.

The deal isn’t exclusive, as both leagues can work with other entities. It’s about the development and innovation of football, as the XFL is looking to have an impact on the game and change the industry.

Experimental Playground for NFL

XFL president Russ Brandon said that the collaboration will allow the NFL to develop prospective coaches and officials, test new equipment, and experiment with proposed rules.

The announcement doesn’t mean, however, that the XFL will be regarded as nothing more than a development league. It still tends to compete as a football league in its own right, with the XFL’s plan for the future remaining the same as always.

Big Year Ahead for the Rock

As for Johnson, he’s planning for another huge year ahead. He’ll make his debut into the DC Universe in the summer when Black Adam will hit movie theatres. It’s almost certain to be a blockbuster after previews of the character have impressed. Black Adam will make its debut on July 29.

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