EA decides whether to cancel Anthem or keep saving it

EA decides whether to cancel Anthem or keep saving it

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National anthem A catastrophic launch happened and BioWare tried to save it with a project called Next hymn. However, there seems to be a possibility that this game will never see the light and that Electronic Arts will analyze if you keep trying or if you cancel it completely.

In a report on BloombergJason Schreyer, journalist Detect the presence of Next hymn, He said there will be a meeting this week for Electronic Arts members. They will monitor the current status of the project to decide whether they decide to continue with the project or if they decide to abandon it entirely.

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According to 3 different sources close to the project, in case EA is satisfied with a case Next hymn Then it will allocate more resources to its creation. The project is currently being developed by a team of around 30 people and the studio would like to increase its workforce three times. Unfortunately, it is not known if EA is willing to commit to so many resources.

To date, Electronic Arts declined to comment on the Schreyer report. We will keep in touch and inform you as we learn more about it.

What is that Next hymn?

In case you are not informed, let you know Next hymn It is an attempt to save National anthem And make it fulfill its potential.

This project will be a review of the main game systems and the game interface. This is with the aim of providing a more satisfying experience to people willing and investing several hours in it.

And you, what do you think will happen Next hymn? Do you think botched BioWare game has salvation? Tell us in the comments.

National anthem Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can learn more about the game that was criticized If you click here.

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