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distance Some rumorsHere comes the confirmation of a new address for Nintendo Switch. This was announced only a few minutes ago by its developers. According to the subscriber, Crash Bandicoot 4: Time will soon come to Hybrid console.

As you can see, it will be available on the hybrid console after that March 12. You can find the trailer for this title below with its full description:

It’s time for a new Crash Bandicoot! Crash sets off with your favorite marsupials on a makeshift adventure that crumbles.

Neo Cortex and N. Tropy are back to their old ways And this time they are not planning to give the universe a spar, their goal is the entire multiverse! Crash and Coco will have to collect four quantum masks and abolish the laws of reality to save the world.

A new adventure. The time has come, it is no longer there. Twisted villains Neo Cortex and Dr. n. Truby finally escaped from the multidimensional prison and left a gap the size of an evil scientist in the universe. Now, their plan isn’t just to conquer this dimension, they want to beat them all and it depends on the crash and the coco that doesn’t happen.

New powers. Change the laws of reality. Crash 4 introduces Quantum Masks, the powerful protectors of time and space. Crash and Coco will need your help throughout the game to take on the crazy challenges that await players.

Change the rules of reality and change the environment with these new forms of adventure to restore order in the multiverse. Ika-Ika, with which you can change the center of gravity with the press of a button; Copona Wa, which allows to slow down time; And lani-loli, which makes elements appear and disappear like anything else.

New follies. Crash Bandicoot games have always had the philosophy of searching for new and exciting ways to play during the adventure. While you can switch between Coco and Crash during the game, you’ll also see innovative perspectives and gameplay mechanics on alternate timelines.

Learn new tricks With the Neo Cortex pistol or wreak havoc with the Dingodile Vacuum Pistol. Additionally, players will discover a mirror mode filled with pumbaa berries, and this mode provides new ways to enjoy the game and obtain new rewards. One dimension may require you to travel through Neon Wasteland, while on the other hand you may have to draw whatever you find to progress. All this and many other crazy things await you in Crash Bandicoot 4.

Get ready for the new Crash Bandicoot platforms! Toys for Bob introduces the next chapter from the original trilogy on October 2, 2020. Get ready for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s Time!

This is the first brand new Crash Bandicoot game in over ten years.– An epic and absurd platform adventure built from scratch, a true successor to the original trilogy!

Well yes, it’s true: Crash is back, and it’s time … Well, to be exact … the gangster has returned to his friends to protect the fate of space-time continuity throughout the multiverse!

All that makes Crash Bandicoot games so much fun, Play platform levels in an intense and fun 3D experience with a cheeky marsupial, continuing as usual, but this time there are some twists and turns: the art style is completely new and it is also innovating in terms of game mechanics and skills, how to switch between modern and retro game modes. This way, seasoned fans and new players will completely enjoy the new Crash adventure!

Visually, Toys for Bob introduces a new approach to CrashAnd your friends, enemies and environments thanks to a new artistic style. While it’s still a crazy experience like the series, you’ll definitely see new worlds, stunning landscapes, a great number of enemies and the dangers posed by the style and visual fidelity typical of the current gaming experience.

Face enemies with quantum masks. Crash and Coco will continue to jump, spin, and do kefir as usual, but don’t think they’ve spent all that time without learning any cool tricks …

Quantum masks are something new Coming with Crash Bandicoot 4: Four Powerful Guardians of Space-Time who enable heroes to change the laws of reality and overcome dangerous obstacles in exciting ways.

Neo Cortex control is driving you crazy! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be crazy in eternal gang fighting and sinister science? Well you can find out now!

During this adventure to save the multiverse, Not only will you encounter demonic platforms in the skin of Crash or Coco, but you’ll also control other characters, such as cunning Neo Cortex, so you’ll have an alternate vision of how Bandicoot heroes take charge of saving the world step-by-step.

New and improved features, además de peleas eternas contra jefes y contra jefes y nuevos truquitos, como correr por las paredes, desplazarse por los raíles y la magia de las cuerdas, todo ello desarrollado por los seguidores de Crash en to Toys for Bob de cuidores the world.

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