WhatsApp will use biometric sensors to protect privacy


WhatsApp Web will add an additional layer of protection Across Biometric sensors For Protect users’ privacyAccording to an official statement.

For this to work, people will have to use their fingerprint or facial recognition on their cell phone. To access the QR code so they can scan it.

This aims Improve privacy of all users This service is available when connecting the mobile device to the computer.

“We want people to communicate privately and securely in the format that suits them best, whether it’s from the palm of their hands or on a computer.”

The WhatsApp

The application states that this functionality It will prevent anyone else from linking their WhatsApp account to a specific phone without prior permission.

The company confirmed that the use of Biometric sensors It will be completely restricted, so they will not have any kind of access to personal data.

“WhatsApp cannot access the vital information stored by the operating system of your device.”

The WhatsApp

This procedure adheres to other safety rules such as Notifications that people receive when there is a login from the desktop version And one to unlink WhatsApp account anytime from the mobile phone.

Selected biometric sensors

This scale is with Biometric sensors It will definitely be available to all users who use this unlock method on their cell phone.

There is no way to remove this new feature from the app, Unless the user leaves their devices without a password.

Biometric sensors It will be available on iOS from Update 14 And in the case Android for all mobile phones that have face or fingerprint unlock.

This new scale It will be implemented over the next few weeks With the arrival of the application update in each country.

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