EA’s new Anticheat distorts the premiere of FIFA 23 on PC

EA’s new Anticheat distorts the premiere of FIFA 23 on PC

updated: There is a solution for you to play FIFA 23 on the computer without the appearance of a problem with Anti-cheat. It’s a popular patch to fix many situations in Windows, and it is Run Electronic Arts launcher as administrator. But beware, EA has two launchers. have Originone of all life, and Play EA.

With EA Play, at least in our tests, the game failed to launch Not even as an administrator. However, it works in origin. So, if you are looking forward to playing FIFA 23 on PC, we recommend installing Origin instead of EA Play.

original news:

The players FIFA 23 on the computer They have found an insurmountable wall when it comes to playing the game. new service Anti-cheat EA He failed at the worst of times, only when the doors were opened for my players EA Play Pro.

FIFA 23 releases on September 30However, there are several ways to play the game early. One of them was a subscription to EA Play Pro, a service that gives full access to all of the company’s games on PC.

Although initially indicating that it would be September 27 when this access was enabled, in recent days the same operator has indicated a new date: September 26. It was about 4:00 PM, along with EA Access on console, when it was possible to start playing. However, this was not the case on PC. Access is enabled, but the new AntiCheat gives an error and does not allow the game to run.

So it can be seen in Many complaints on social networks. It can be easily checked by subscribing to the service on the computer. When you try to play FIFA 23, a screen pops up earlier to show the fatal fate: “EA’s Anti-Cheat Service encountered an error. Restart the game“.

As usual, Restarting the game doesn’t help much. Once again we will find the error of the past days. EA Sports will try to solve the problem with complete safety. Let’s hope it doesn’t take long for players, whose desire to try FIFA 23 is being tapped.

EA introduced a few weeks ago the new AntiCheat. I did it forCreate a safe and fair experience for all people‘, as you can read in his book Release. It is clear that such a system is necessary on a PC. There are many cheats being made on PC, and this year, plus the Origin version is at the same level as consoles Next generation and her intersectionSo it is essential to have a good system that rejects cheaters immediately.

These types of situations are common on PC. When it comes to anti-piracy or fraud services, in the end The fastest user to start the game is the one who pays the consequences Unable to login. We hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

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