Economy activates the schedule of dialogue with large companies and invites Boric CPC to the annual account

Economy activates the schedule of dialogue with large companies and invites Boric CPC to the annual account

A new advisory space will be opened by the Ministry of Economy next Friday. At the end of April, the portfolio led by Nicholas Grau launched a model for working alongside Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs), and now it will be the turn of the big companies.

The example, cited Sunday in Channel 13’s central schedule, is intended to start a dialogue process that allows opening up opportunities and “maintaining a collaborative relationship with this relevant economic sector,” they explained from the portfolio. Inflation and investments, aspects that concern the economic team of both the government and the private sector, will be the topics of the first meeting.

The specific process of the schedule will be discussed in this first meeting, but the economic plan is for the work to be carried out in a similar way to what is happening with the MiPyme Advisory Board, which works for the short, medium and long term. Measures in the face of economic revitalization, besides providing solutions to structural concerns in the sector.

Minister Grau will chair the meeting, which is expected to be attended by Undersecretary of the Branch Javiera Petersen. On the guest side, a total of 15 unions and entities summoned to the opening session of the dialogue table are the heads of the Confederation of Production and Trade (CPC), the Association of Metallurgical Industries and Metalworking of Chile (Asimet), the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) and the Association of Fruit Exporters (Asoex).

The heads of the six CPC branches will be added: Suvova, the National Mining Association (Tsunami), the Association of Banks (ABIF), the National Association of Agriculture, the National Chamber of Commerce and the Chilean Chamber of Construction. Also invited were the Chairman of the Mining Board and Chilean Wood Corporation (Corma), as well as Macarena Navarrete on behalf of Icare and Amcham, Josefa Monge for B companies, and Manuela Sánchez on behalf of BCI, CAP and Mall Plaza.

Chief’s signal

The appointment will take place in the midst of the sign of rapprochement with the large business community that President Gabriel Borek sent yesterday in the midst of the ceremony to pass the law raising the minimum wage to $400,000 in August, by inviting CPC leader, Juan Sutil – present on the occasion – to attend the 1 day public account June in Congress.

The President said that this is the time to express opinions and face the country’s challenges with dialogue.

He did the same with the unions of SMEs, which were also located in La Moneda.

But it was not the only gesture towards Sutil, because as soon as the activity ended he spoke for a few minutes with Sutil, who invited him on his tour to the United States to attend the Summit of the Americas.

Besides his thanks for the gesture, Sutil noted that it remains to be resolved whether he will go to the United States or accompany Secretary of Labor, Janet Jara, to the ILO in Geneva.

President Borek will travel to Los Angeles, where the Summit of the Americas will be held, which also includes a forum for corporate executives in the region.

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