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San Juan, Feb 4 (EFE News). – “El Cuartito”, directed by Argentine Marcos Carnevale and with Spaniard Mario de La Rosa (“La Casa de Papel”) in the cast, will premier on March 25 with the aim of capturing the audience with the story of five passengers who ended up in the airport immigration hall, told With a mixture of comedy and drama.

De la Rosa told Efe on Thursday that it was a true privilege to work on this film, which was recorded in January 2020 in Puerto Rico and produced by local company El Cuartito LLC and Wiesner Distribution, and which will be showing for the first time in all Caribbean cinemas in Puerto Ghani.

De la Rosa confirmed that “everything went well”, who gained popularity in Spain thanks to her participation in “La Casa de Papel”, a TV series produced by Alex Pena and produced by Atresmedia.

De la Rosa confirmed that the film had succeeded in gathering an excellent group of professionals led by its director Marcus Carnevale, director of films such as “Elsa and Fred” and “Corazon de Leon”.

The cast of “El Cuartito” also includes Spanish actor Ianis Guerrero (“Club de Cuervos”) and Dominican comedian Fausto Mata (“Sanky Panky”).

The film tells the story of five passengers who arrived in Puerto Rico and for various reasons are detained in “El Quartito”, the immigration control area at San Juan International Airport, the capital of Puerto Rico, a Commonwealth country of the United States. And the same regulations in this regard.

The Spaniard said: “For Latin Americans, it’s a popularly known place by that name.”

Characters, completely unknown to each other, will live in custody in isolation from the outside world and without news of their immediate future.

De la Rosa said, “The film is” dramatic, “meaning a mixture between drama and comedy, because it sometimes brings a smile to your face, but it can also make you tear. “You definitely see the humanity of the characters,” he added.

De la Rosa gives life to a Spanish rock singer who is trying to boost his career with a concert on the Caribbean island.

The fact that many of the actors were foreigners, the relationship between them became closer during the recording of the film, and therefore to this day they keep a WhatsApp group.

Regarding the rest of the technical team, he highlighted the Puerto Rican professionals, “first class” who used to work in American films.

“I would be happy to repeat an experience like this with the Puerto Rican scoring team,” he said.

The film, which was supported by the Puerto Rico Film Commission, was shot in the Puerto Rican municipalities of Humacao, Guayama, San Juan and Figaro.

The soundtrack was responsible for composer and producer Eduardo Capra (Calle 13), winning 25 Latin Grammys and 3 Grammys.

She also has a special collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin.

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