The story of why Steve lost – or his teeth


He lost his teeth as a teenager and from there he had major problems.

Steve-O is a Jackass member who breaks any imaginable limit during the more than 20 years of the show and risks his life.

We can see Steve O. He performs various activities that endanger every inch of his body, as he can be seen electrocuting himself or walking on a fire.

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Another of his features was his use of his body as an unusual tattoo fabric, including a selfie covering his entire back with the caption “Yeah dude, I’m Rock, Steve O”.

The actor was born in London from his childhood and adolescence. In addition to England, he lived in Uganda, Brazil and Venezuela, later settling in the United States.

Far from following in his father’s footsteps, he is an important executive in the company PepsiCoAnd the Steve O. He started working as a clown and performing stunts in the circus, and from there he sent videos of himself to one of my producers Jackas, Jeff Tremin, Who immediately recruited him.

But the thing that marked a comedian’s history a lot while he was on Jackass, though his childhood has something to do with him.

The story of why Steve lost – or his teeth

Steve himself said that since his teens he had been suffering from knots with his teeth, because he felt that he was very fanged.

The comedian himself said, “I never felt comfortable with my teeth, because I always felt like I was badly injured, but I actually had surgery when I broke it.”

He made it clear that an accident in 1995 would change everything. “In 1995, I fell from a balcony at a party that fell on the sidewalk on my face, broke my cheekbones, broke seven teeth, and they had to make 10 stitches on my chin and on my broken wrist.”

This is how his mother offered to pay for a new denture, so he decided to make an appointment with the dentist, but not everything was as he had imagined, because unfortunately he missed the appointment because he was arrested for drunk driving and he was imprisoned.

At that moment, I called my mother and said, “To hell with your teeth, you must first rehabilitate.” So I had to live with those ugly broken teeth for two years. ”

It wasn’t until 1997 that her mother again told her that she had the money to design a smile. “My mom felt sorry for me and gave me money to fix all my teeth. It was a blessing because I was going to start going to clown shows, but the bad thing was it was yellow, it looked really horrible.

At the time, Steve tried not to show his teeth too much when he was a clown because the white make-up made them stand out more, which is why kids get mocked.

He later gets into Jackass and feels more self-conscious as he has become a public figure. When he started getting more money, he decided it was time to get his teeth properly fixed.

“In 2004, I thought it was time to get my teeth back in place. Even Jackass 2 fans saw my face with a new smile design, but again not everything was fine, as my mouth still smelled so bad.

The story doesn’t end there, the actor said his breathing problem was because he never used dental floss and his teeth bacteria were completely submerged.

“Because of the bacteria starting to spread, I changed my teeth again and so in Jackass 3 I arrived with a brand new smile.”

Unfortunately, the problems continued with his gums, so he had more changes and new teeth. In the end, the reflection that the comedian got is that you have to love yourself just the way you are because he has suffered so much not to accept himself as he was.

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