EL PAÍS America strengthens its presence on the continent | country we do

EL PAÍS America strengthens its presence on the continent |  country we do

country of america Expand your presence. The American continent, which already accounts for nearly half of the newspaper’s audience, has historically been one of the newspaper’s major media hubs, and has had its own edition for a decade. Added to it from Mexico in 2020. Now, in a year of intense political and social tension in the region, EL PAÍS América is taking a new step and strengthening its coverage with a newsroom in Bogota, which will support the entire South American region. This progress will be accompanied by a reinforcement of correspondents in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Santiago de Chile, as well as an English language edition directed to the United States.

With more than 40 million readers, EL PAÍS America has become a benchmark in the defense of democratic values ​​in a region where threats to the press are increasing and freedom of expression deteriorates. To strengthen this position, EL PAÍS América will redouble its efforts in investigating major corruption cases and condemning political, gender and ethnic abuses. Likewise, she will expand her pluralism of views with the great American voices of culture, politics, thought, and economics, which already include Nobel Prize winners. Paul Krugman s Mario Vargas Llosa Intellectuals and writers love John Gabriel VasquezAnd Martin CaparrosAnd Laila GuerreroAnd Eileen Broome also Sergio Ramirez.

“Since its founding, EL PAÍS has had a clear American mission. Now, we are going a step further to offer our Latin American readers all the cosmopolitan nature of the newspaper, but also our own look at the most relevant events in every country on the continent, with journalists on the ground and a network of reporters and reporters analyzing without comparison. The great global reference media”, explains Peppa Bueno, Director of EL PAÍS.

The plan to promote the American edition has one of the strengths of Bogota. A team of experienced Colombian journalists has been added to the professional team that was already working on covering the Andean region, with the aim of deepening coverage not only in the country but throughout the region in a particularly turbulent year, with the presidential elections in Colombia and Brazil .. and great challenges in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela. It will also develop new novels, audio notation s Newsletters, and will have the radio media support of the PRISA Group (W-Radio and Caracol) and companies such as Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Ricardo Silva, Diana Calderón, who will provide political video analysis, Yolanda Ruiz or María Jimena Duzán. This momentum in Colombia comes a few weeks before the presidential election, a challenge to which EL PAÍS America will dedicate its best resources.

Since its creation, the American edition has been distinguished by its independence and rigor. distance style bookis mandatory for journalists, ensuring the independence of the newsroom, and supporting it through major investigations, such as pandora leaves, and high-quality reporting, not only has it won numerous international awards, but has seen a steady increase in its continental audience.

“EL PAÍS America has the nationality of its readers. An audience that is open, plural, and interested in the great keys of the day. We deal with it, beyond borders, with accurate information, extensive research and the best companies on the continent. In the face of threats to freedom of expression and deteriorating liberties, our weapons are good journalism and the defense of democratic values. Independence and Divergence. They are part of our genetics,” says EL PAÍS América Director, Jan Martinez Arens.

From its continental message, the newspaper also decided to deepen its successful penetration into the United States. In addition to the Spanish-language information it provides in its American edition, EL PAÍS will expand its English-language content with an edition aimed at an American audience which, under the supervision of its team of experienced translators, will rely on a high-quality information..quality generated by the newspaper and the Washington Office.

In this general effort to grow and improve articles of interest to the American public, the Mexican edition, with nearly 12 million readers, will continue to provide strategic support to the project, with a particular focus on audiovisual and networking developments, as well as on observing the Latin American world.

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