ELDEN RING: A new short video of the game has been leaked and is circulating online

ELDEN RING: A new short video of the game has been leaked and is circulating online

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Once again, there are signs of the most awaited game today. Ring of fire. Ohhh, Ring of fire, FromSoftware that we didn’t know anything about officially for nearly two years. Officially, we say there are leaks and today we’ll be reporting one more with information boosting the likelihood of the title reaching 2022.

At the start of the year we reported to you a wide-angle trailer for supposed indoor use by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game’s distributor. If you can’t wait to learn more about this interesting universe, you should know that today a supposed new promotion has appeared for the game, which also indicates that it is a covert work and for internal use.

The short advance of only 6 seconds and filtered in 4Chan (via Imgur) It first shows a closed and painted environment with statues and a stained-glass window in the background, while later reveals a larger vertical stage, with a skylight as the main light source.

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More clues point to this Ring of fire It will debut until 2022

Besides the first leak, an informant very close to the game’s development on the condition of anonymity claimed that the title was delayed due to the pandemic.

Today it appears that there is new evidence to confirm this Ring of fire It has been postponed and could be released until 2022. We say this because the company that owns FromSoftware, Kadokawa Corporation, today shared its latest financial report (via Chronicle Video GamesAnd in it he confirms that some of his games were delayed due to the pandemic.

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In addition, he indicates that he hopes to launch new games during his current fiscal year, which will last until March 31, 2022. ComViz, the information will reinforce the leak of the informant that we told you about before. We’re already in May, so it doesn’t seem crazy that the game is available until 2022.

Bandai Namco didn’t talk about it Ring of fire Or the date of its release. We remind you, however, that the company has already confirmed that it will be present at E3 2021, so it can take advantage of the event to finally reveal more about the expected title. We will keep you informed.

You are waiting Ring of fireDo you think it will last until 2022? Tell us in the comments.

Ring of fire It’s still under development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can find more news about it if you visit its profile.

Stay tuned with us, at LEVEL UP.

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