Elena Kavarina: Who was the lawyer who honors Google with a doodle

Elena Kavarina: Who was the lawyer who honors Google with a doodle

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Every time a special date is celebrated Google decides to put it on its homepage doodle In memory ofbut also remembers important figures in history or people who did some action to change the world, this is the case of Elena Kavarina.

On March 23, Google changed its logo this day to put an image indicating Elena Kavarina, this is a tribute to the feminist lawyer and human rights defender Who will celebrate his 119th birthday today.

Who was Elena Kavarina?

Elena Kaverina, She was born on March 23, 1903 in Iquique, Chile, the daughter of Italian businessman Blas Cavarina Chiusa. and Anna Morris. It was in the 1920s when Elena entered the Law School of the University of Chile where she had the opportunity to participate in volunteer workshops dedicated to educating workers.

In 1922, she joined the Students’ Union where she became a volunteer in the Free Legal Defense Office. From that moment on, she was known as the student leader of the strike to reform the university.

In 1931, he created the Association of University Women and for four years formed the Chilean Women’s Liberation Movement – MEMCH. TAll this made her one of the women who promoted the feminist movement in Chile.

Elena Kaverina has stirred controversy over these movements as well as her feminist views Unintended pregnancies were also a social tragedy.

One of Elena Caderina’s great works, along with other women, was to promote the bill to allow Chilean women to vote in elections. This became possible in 1949 when President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Enact a law giving women the right to vote.

Elena Kavarina dies July 19, 2003 at the age of 100.


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