Hillary Clinton tests positive for COVID-19; you have ‘mild’ symptoms

Hillary Clinton tests positive for COVID-19;  you have ‘mild’ symptoms

The Former Secretary Country United StateAnd the Hillary Clinton74, announced that he gave positive by COVID-19, although he clarified that he had symptoms”Nice“and found”we will“.

in a message on Social media She explained that her husband, the former president Bill Clinton (1993-2001), tested negative and also feels fine.

“I have tested positive for COVID-19. I have some mild symptoms from the cold, but I feel fine. I am more grateful than ever for protection Provided by vaccines against diseases Gad, also express ex filter presidential.

Hillary Clinton made a call to get vaccinated Already applied stimulant doses and asked his followers “Recommendations From the movies ‘to watch during a while Isolation.

White House spokeswoman, Jin PsakiIt was also announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 And he will not be able to attend the flight to Europe President of the United States, Joe Bidenwho tested negative Guide.

On March 13, the former president Barack Obama (2009-2017) who announced he had COVID-19 with mild symptoms.

With information from EFE

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