The United States asks Ortega to “listen” to its ambassador to the Organization of American States

United State to prime minister Nicaragua, Daniel Ortegawhat or what”I listened“she has Ambassador before Organization of American States (OAS), Arturo Macfields Whiskaswho denounced the “dictatorship” of his country and demanded the release of imprisoned opponents.

I hope the Nicaraguan government hears the right message: If they continue down the same path, they will not be able to avoid losing the support of their people,” said the United States Interim Representative to the Organization of American States, Bradley Friedenin a remote meeting of the Council permanent OAS.

Previously, during his speech, Macfields decided to stop “keeping silence”, attacked the “dictatorship” of Daniel Ortega in his country and called for the release of imprisoned opponents.

“Condemning my own dictatorship is not easy,” Macfields said in his plea, “but continuing to remain silent and defend the indefensible is impossible.”

He believes, however, that “there is hope” because, he said, “people inside and outside the government are tired of dictatorship.”

Daniel Ortega began his fifth term on January 10, his second with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as vice president, after an election marked by jailing of opponents, and new US and European Union sanctions against the family and the family. Friends of the President.

The US representative described Ambassador Macfields today as a “Nicaraguan patriot” and emphasized that he “made the right decision.”

Later, in a Twitter message, Frieden praised Macfields’ courage “in resigning his position as Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Organization of American States in a speech denouncing Ortega Murillo’s dictatorship’s record against human rights, and saying he could not support the regime any longer.”

Countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador praised the gesture and expressed concern about the safety of Nicaragua, while Argentina and Mexico said they took note of his words.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Louis Almagro, saw that Macfields took the “correct moral stance” and offered him the “protection” of the organization.

With information from EFE

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