Encourage boys and girls to get closer to science

Encourage boys and girls to get closer to science

Juarez- The “Physics Circus”, organized by the Undersecretary for Human Development and Public Good, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ), brought girls and boys from 5 to 12 years old from vulnerable families to activities for three consecutive days – a fun training to promote the application of science.

According to the state government, the main objective was to enhance the science of physics through various experiments conducted in the company of specialized personnel of the UACJ, to increase the interest in further learning and acquaintance with this science in an enjoyable way. .

And they indicated in a press release that specialists from the Institute of Engineering and Technology from the highest studies house had contact with a total of 562 infants, including 331 girls and 231 boys, with whom they exchanged their knowledge in a practical way.

José Alfonso Bustos Venegas, General Coordinator of Community Centers in Ciudad Juarez, commented that this type of event will increase the interest of girls and boys to study and it is hoped that the “Physics Circus” will continue in the coming months.

These activities were carried out in six community centers run by the state government: El Mezquital, Las Haciendas, Parajes de San José, Águilas de Zaragoza, Riberas del Bravo Stage 3, as well as in Fray García de San Francisco.

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