Enrique Guzman to sue Frida Sophia in the US: “I’ll get to the last consequences”


the singer Enrique Guzman He confirmed that he would legally sue his granddaughter, Frida Sophia, after she accused him of sexual assault when she was a minor.

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It must be remembered that a few days ago, she was a daughter Alejandra Guzman She told journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante that “Teen Tops” touched her inappropriately when she was barely five years old.

The rocker defended himself in a TV interview on “Ventaneando,” where he stated that he doesn’t know how to inappropriately touch a woman, let alone his granddaughter, as he cries in front of the cameras.

right Now, Enrique Guzman Willing to fight a legal battle against Frida Sophia. Tested in front of the magazine TV notes She has already consulted with an attorney to file a lawsuit in the United States, the country the influencer lives in.

“I’ll go to the last consequences. All the information is already in the hands of a lawyer in the United States, because we will go ahead there.” Enrique To post offers.

The rocker added that his daughter, Alejandra Guzman He was the one who provided him with support from his legal defenders, seeing that the treatment he was receiving did not seem fair, and he indicated that he was not “degenerate” because of the accusations leveled against him by his granddaughter.

Lawyer at the service Enrique Guzman And he asked the artist not to talk about the subject anymore, in order to avoid affecting the legal procedures that will start soon. The singer said that the whole situation is “very bad” because he even wanted to “fall under stone and not go out for a while, although I do not deserve that.”

And he repeated what he narrated Frida Sophia “It never happened.” And he expressed doubts about what is going on in the head of his granddaughter. He said he was not blamed for your life.

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