European money in society: from 20% for science to 6% for equality


the Attack by the People’s Party against distribution European funds to the government, and in particular, Complaint from the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, for some help Designated by the Ministry of Labor of the Valencian Community, He focused on the distribution of that European aphid that the self-governments aspire to rebuild after the epidemic crisis. Ayuso focused on a fund of nine million, two of which were earmarked for the Valencia community and from which Madrid, along with other communities, were excluded.

Despite the uproar generated (PP threatens to court), This helpline is a rare notice In the bulk of the resources associated with the Mechanism of Recovery and Resilience (MRR), One of the main funds of the European Union that allows the financing of actions related to housing, environment, training, digitization or social services, among other sectors. This is because the distribution formula is quite different from the usual one, on the basis of which the Generalitat has more than one billion euros in its current account.

The fund that Ayuso questioned finances unique projects, while the general trend is that The distribution is based on various criteria and the communities agree and negotiate with the Government of Spain. In addition, the discord fund represents 0.2 percent of the total funds raised by Generalitat.

On the other hand, a quiet look at the European cake-boxing division reveals two things: On the one hand, Amount captured so far for generalities About 10%, something Less than the weight of the population of Valencia in the whole of Spain On the other hand, the distribution is by neighborhood.

Thus, according to information provided by Generalitat, the still image of the media for January shows how in percentage terms, Society is ahead of other regions in actions funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

European money distribution.

In this way, of the 30 million released, the Consell Committee acquired six. The area in which it lags is the area of ​​equality. This Ministry released about 19 million euros, of which 6%, or 1.2 million, was transferred to the Generalitat Valenciana for equality policies.

However, the largest sums actually distributed in the various sectoral conferences (the bodies that bring together government and ministries) are not found in these departments. In general, the distribution moves between 8 and 10 percent, close to the weight of the population.

On the other hand, they are actions that can be financed in the field of Vocational training and employment Which, for the time being, put more resources into circulation. The ministry has distributed more than 1,600 million euros to various regions, of which 10.45% has already been transferred to the Generalitat for its management.

From the Office of the European Union, attached to the Presidency, directed by Juan Angel Boyatos, the caveat is that the distribution percentages change, so looking at the picture in a fixed way and looking only at a particular action distorts reality. . Thus, there are certain items with very high ratios and others with very low ratios. with everything, The average is between 9.7 and 10.2%. It is also remarkable that while the Madrid People’s Party accuses the Generalitat of a privileged position, the famous Valencians focus on games in which Consell fared worse.

regional cohesion

Admittedly from this DG that before reaching the sectoral conferences there was a lot of pre-cooking, but in any case the technical meetings are running smoothly and without the “political” scene of attending ministers and members of community councils. In any case, population is a constant variable because these funds also seek regional cohesion.

Besides the political disagreement, Boyatus emphasizes that There are sufficient resources to reach all Autonomous Communities. In his opinion, the biggest challenge lies in the management and in achieving the various milestones. He explains that there are intermediate goals throughout the implementation of the fund, which, if achieved, generate additional resources. A prize in which each society competes with itself: “The key is management,” says the senior official.

On the other hand, the government reported on Friday that as of December 31, 2021, 11,151 million euros have been allocated to autonomous communities, which will be used for public policies related to green transformation, digitalization, science, culture and social protection. sustainable tourism, employment, education and vocational training.

Actors attest to that The most populous societies are those that have taken the most resources. Andalusia ranks first, with 1,916 million; followed by Catalonia with 1,579 million euros; Madrid came with 1213 million, and C. Valenciana in fourth place with 1055 million.

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