There is a boss for the necessary time, AMLO confirms its authenticity


After having a cardiac catheterization yesterday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that his health is fine and that if the Creator, science and nature allow it, his term will end until 2024.

In a video clip that was broadcast on his social media sites this morning, Saturday, the chief of the executive authority stated that doctors suggested that he undergo a catheterization after taking a stress test 15 days ago as part of his supervision after suffering a heart attack 8 years ago.

The procedure was already scheduled weeks ago, but since he fell ill with Covid-19, he had to wait for him to recover and until yesterday he was able to do so.

Mine: AMLO is undergoing cardiac catheterization. They reported that he is in good health

The president added that during the catheterization, which lasted half an hour, the doctors found his arteries fine, and after spending the night in the Central Military Hospital, he returned this morning to the National Palace, where he lives.

“I have a desire to go back to the rounds and it stops me; and the doctors authorize me that I can live my normal life, that is, that I can advance myself comprehensively and that there is a chief for a period of time, necessary, indispensable, essential, to carry out changes and transformation” he expressed that. Lopez Obrador.

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