European Union. A 100-year-old woman who works in a restaurant and does not want to retire


Since I was 50 years old, Ruthie Schuster Worked in a McDonald’s restaurant, located in Irvine, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United State.

In her work, women find space to occupy themselves and their time.

According to the broker Action News Pittsburgh 4Shuster works three days a week to clean tables. Also take the opportunity to greet clients and chat.

In an interview the woman gave to the media, she emphasized that reaching the unusual age of 100, on 3 March, was not “a big deal.” “For me, it’s just a number.”

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She added that she feels “comfortable” and does not include retirement among her future plans.

Bear in mind: The restaurant chain celebrated Ruthie’s centenary in a meaningful way.

A message box with the Shuster name engraved on a board was installed so that anyone who wanted to leave a congratulatory message could leave them.

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The woman has stated to the same media that she loves being around people. He also indicated that he had received many messages. The memorial mailbox was nearly full.

According to local media patchOn March 3 of each year, McDonald’s headquarters celebrates a new anniversary for its oldest employees.

Ruthie became “famous” over time. According to the above method, there are people who exclusively go to the place to get to know her.

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Due to the pandemic, Shuster is unable to have a normal birthday, surrounded by family, friends, and loyal customers.

Confirmed Action News Pittsburgh 4 He misses the customer crowd and after work activities.

Despite the ordeals, the woman received the love of those who knew her and assured that she is not only an employee, but has also been distinguished by her “smile service” over the years.

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