The United States demands the release of Janine Anez and other politicians detained in Bolivia


Washington. – a secretary The state of the united states, Anthony BlinkOn Saturday, I requested the release of the former interim president of Bolivia Janine Anise And two of his former ministers, expressed concern at “signs of undemocratic behavior” Bolivia.

In a statement, Blinken expressed the strongest reaction so far from the US President’s administration, Joe BidenTo the arrest of three Bolivian politicians two weeks ago on charges of “sedition, terrorism and conspiracy.”

“The United States is deeply concerned about the increasing indications Undemocratic behavior The politicization of the legal system in Bolivia after the arrest and pre-trial detention of former officials of the interim government, “the US Secretary of State said.

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Without mentioning Anez or the detained former ministers, Alvaro Coimbra and Rodrigo Guzmán, the head of US diplomacy who at all times referred ‘Former officials’ Or former officials of the interim government that emerged after what the current Bolivian executive branch considers to be the 2019 coup.

“We ask the Bolivian government to make clear its support for peace, democracy and national reconciliation, by releasing former officials detained while conducting an independent and transparent investigation into human rights and due process issues,” Blinken said.

He added that these arrests “are not consistent with Democratic Ideals of BoliviaAnd “they distort the extraordinary efforts of so many voters, candidates, and workers in Bolivia” that turned the October 2020 elections and the subnational elections held this month into a “democratic success.”

Blinken added that there are doubts about the “legality” of the aforementioned arrests because they are “based on baseless accusations, clear violations of due process of law in their implementation and the highly politicized nature of the Bolivian government’s monitoring work.”

The head of the US diplomacy affirmed that he still hopes to maintain a “strong and respectful relationship” with the government of the current Bolivian president. Lewis ArsBoth the Bolivian authorities and the demonstrators are acting on this issue with “peace, restraint and respect.”

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He also stressed that his position coincides with that of “the European Union, the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Bolivia, and the Bolivian and international human rights organizations.”

Blinken’s position comes nearly two weeks after the secretary general appointed Organization of American States (Organization of American States) Luis Almagro demanded the release of Anez and the two former ministers, in part because he considered that “the Bolivian judicial system is not in a position to provide the minimum guarantees of fair trial and impartiality.”

During a meeting this week in Mexico, both Ars and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Almagro urged not to interfere in the internal affairs of the two countries.

Ones and his cabinet members were accused of “sedition and terrorism” during the 2019 crisis after the failed elections that led to Evo Morales resigning from the presidency of Bolivia, which he considers the current CEO coup.

Alongside them and with two prominent military leaders, there are also operations against other opposition political leaders and many former army and police officers wanted for justice.

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