Exatlón United States: release date, participants and everything you need to know about the new season


French exathlon It has become one of the most popular all over the world, as the subject and level of competition is one of the most acclaimed factors in every country it reaches, such as the status of Exathlon Mexico, which for 5 seasons was one of the most watched and most demanding reality shows in sports, as it saw a number of top athletes pass through its ranks who established themselves as all legends of the game. Exatlon United States It has also been a hit, coming again through the Telemundo TV network showing the next premiere Tuesday 11 January 2022, where they promise that the new version of the competition will be tougher than ever, as you will face new challenges that will make it very exciting.

Within this new broadcast, you will be able to see new circuits and obstacles that will put the physical and mental abilities of a new team of celebrities to the test, who will wear red in their suits and the team of contestants in blue.

Participants of the new season of Exatlón United States

We’ll see old and new faces on the sports reality show again Frederick Oldenburg He will be the host of the show, who joined last season, as well as being honored for his participation in various Telemundo programmes.

Another face we can see this season is Maricella “Chile” Canto, known as the winner of the first season of Exatlon United StatesIn addition, she became the first woman in the world to win a sports reality show.

So far they are the two faces that came to light as we know, and will be present and will be part of the new version of Exatlon United States.

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