Expert: Facebook’s data leak would have affected 13 million Mexicans


At least 13 million Mexican users were affected Personal data leakage What happened in The social networking site Facebook A cybersecurity expert said on Saturday Alon Gal.

Owner of a cybercrime intelligence company, Hudson RockOn Twitter, a list of 106 countries affected by the disclosure covers nearly 533 million accounts worldwide.

In this, Mexico is not in the first place, but it is the second country from Area Where more users saw that their data was violated, as 13 million, 330 thousand and 561 accounts were revealed, and it is located in the back only Colombia With 17 million 957 thousand 908 according to the list of Alon Gal.

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For its part, Egypt was the country most affected in this regard, as it recorded 44 million 823 thousand 547 leaked accounts. Tunisia 39 million 638 thousand 821; Italy, with 35 million 677 thousand 323; The United States 32 million 315 thousand 282; Saudi Arabia 28 million 804 thousand 686. France, with 19 million 848 thousand 559; Morocco has 18 million 939 thousand 198.

As long as the post Interested in the business He said such disclosures would include, in addition to the username, phone numbers, locations, email addresses, birthdays, and resumes.

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Alon Gal said, that from a security point of view, there is not much Facebook can do to help users affected by the breach, because their data is already shown, but he added that the social network can notify users so that they can stay. Vigilant in the event of possible identity theft or fraud using their personal data.

Infusion 2019

Data of more than 500 million users The social networking site Facebook The magazine reported on Saturday that a leak in 2019, including email addresses and phone numbers, was posted on a hacker forum. Interested in the business, To confirm an expert’s information Cybercrime.

For his part, a spokesman for Facebook said Globalism It was leaked in 2019 and it was fixed that year.

“This data is old and it was reported in 2019. We discovered the case and we solved it in August 2019,” he said.

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