Facebook will pay millionaire compensation for discrimination against job applicants

Facebook will pay up to $14 million to discriminate against US candidates. Photo by EFE

Facebook will have to pay up to $14.25 million to discriminate against US candidates during their hiring processes

Government United State Announce an out-of-court settlement reached with Facebook social networking site Why social red You must pay up to $14.25 million because of discrimination against them candidates Americans through Recruit.

As I mentioned before US Department of JusticeFacebook has routinely refused to appoint US citizenship candidates for its job offers, instead choosing to consider only those jobs needed by foreigners who need a visa to work in the US.

This practice is inconsistent with immigration laws of the country, Which requires companies wishing to hire foreigners to first prove that they cannot find any US citizen with the qualifications needed for the job.

The recruitment process for Facebook social networking site Intentionally discriminates against American workers because of Citizenship the state immigrant, which constitutes a violation of the anti-discrimination clause in the Immigration and Nationality Act,” they noted from the government.

The Out of court settlement It includes a $4.75 million fine that Facebook will have to pay to Government A sum of up to 9.5 million must be distributed to those identified to be victims of discrimination on Facebook, totaling $14.25 million.

It will be yours Civil Rights Division, Ministry of Justice The person responsible for identifying Americans, with Facebook, who would have been victims of this discriminatory practice and thus could get a portion of the money.

With information from EFE

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