Transformers Optimus Prime causing problems in Cusco, Peru


recordings Movie transformers: Awaken the monsters“Almost finished in Historic center of Cuzco, Peru.

During the past two weeks bumblebeeThe Mirage, the Plague and the Movie Star: Optimus Prime They were seen on the streets of Cusco, and it was precisely this last car that appeared in a viral video because it could not climb a steep hill while taking one of the shots.

It all happened on the so-called Santa Ana Hill, located in the traditional Cusco district of the same name, where the director was Stephen Capley Jr. They shot a chase scene between several cars. Most of the vehicles managed to climb the hill without problems, except for the Optimus Prime, which had to stop in the middle of the climb.

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This scene was captured by the residents of the place, who gracefully captured what happened, uploaded a video to social networks, and the content spread in a matter of minutes.

“Optimus couldn’t with Cusco height”, “Poor, Optimus gave him soroche”, “Not even Transformers with Cusco height” Other comments can be seen on social networks, where the clip is completely shared .

After Optimus Prime faltered, filming continued, and after several attempts, the Autobots’ main car was able to climb the steep slope, one of the steepest streets in Cusco, the site of many filming and productions due to its antique and colonial characteristics. .

In addition to the difficulties climbing the hill, Optimus Prime was also caught when he crashed into a parked car. According to user Tiktokmonogato, the truck continued on its way, hitting the road.

Tweet embed Optimus Prime crashes into Santa Teresa Street – Cusco in the Historic Center and escapes lol #transformers #Cuzco #diffuse #is yours Original sound – Jose Antonio Gamarra

This same user also shared a video showing cars and trucks returning from filming to the warehouse after filming. Children are heard in the background wanting to get the attention of the participants in the tape. “Everyone’s affection is priceless,” wrote the author of the video.

Tweet embed

Amazing Transformers movie experience in Cusco. Everyone’s affection is priceless ##transformers ## Cusco ##diffuse ##is yours ##Peru

Original sound – Jose Antonio Gamarra

After more than two weeks of recordings in downtown Cusco, the production and directing of “Transformers: Awakening the Monsters” concluded with key shots and the use of special effects, for which they created large structures of props, the same ones that have now been dismantled.

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