Facebook’s new project

Facebook and Liquid Technologies, one of Africa’s largest networking providers, have jointly rolled out a file A huge fiber cable with a length of more than 2000 km in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. by companiesThis cable is expected to improve connectivity for more than 30 million people and help meet the demands of users in Central Africa.

The distribution will be as follows: Facebook will invest in building fiber It will support network planning, while Liquid Technologies will own, build and operate the network and provide wholesale services to operators.

Cable will be connected to 2Africa

As Liquid Technologies explains in its statement, the goal is to create a “digital corridor” that takes off From the Atlantic Ocean to East Africa and the Indian Ocean It passes through the Congo Forest (by the way, the second largest in the world after the Amazon).

The cable will connect the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Angola, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The cable will extend from central Congo to the eastern border with Rwanda and 2Africa . will expand, a massive submarine cable (shared by Facebook) that will soon have an extension to connect the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula.

To develop it, Liquid Technologies ensured that It employs more than 5,000 people from local communities. He also asserts that it is one of the most complex constructions that have been carried out, as it “exceeds more than 2,000 kilometers in one of the most complex terrains in the world”.

Ibrahima Ba, Director of Network Investments, Emerging Markets at Facebook, said that while Posting won’t be easy, “An important part of expanding broadband access to poorly connected areas.”

It is not the first initiative with a goal Improving communication in African countries. Loon has deployed 35 balloons to provide internet access in a 50,000 km area of ​​Kenya (Loon will close after a few months) and Facebook itself has been offering free satellite internet in some areas since 2016.

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