Facilitate the handball game

Facilitate the handball game

This week, the International Handball Federation (CIJB) presented the Pilota Arreu del Món (Ball around the World) programme, which aims to weave a network of stadiums around the world in order to promote the game of handball. Alberto Soldier, President of the Entity, as well as Jose Luis Lopez, Honorary President of the CIJB, were masters of the festivities along with the Mayor of Gudeleta, a Valencian town that hosted the event and which is one of the three that has united in the cause of promoting the sport by building a single wall, alongside Together with Simat de la Valldigna and El Genovés.

The Pilota Arreu del Món program was presented at the Galotxa Museum in Godelleta. The room was too small to accommodate all the personalities who gave their support for this initiative born from the hand of the soldier and the CIJB, ready to make small dreams come true on continents as far away as America or Africa. “The Pilota Arreu del Món program aims to transcend the union’s feelings of diversity,” explained CIJB President Alberto Soldado, who insisted on the “practical application” of the initiative with “building fields in the growth of developing countries.”

Hand in hand with institutions and companies

“The CIJB coordinates the work of public institutions, companies, banks and financial entities as well as municipalities in this case, the residents of Valencia allow, with small token contributions, to build these walls, which help solidarity through sport and the game of ball,” said Soldier. . It is a matter of putting the CIJB motto into practice, as the CIJB President said: “A Message in Philosophy reduced to four words: Unite in Diversity.”

2022: Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador

In 2022 stadiums will be built in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. But not only from One Wall, “but also in Nariño (Colombia), where the game of identity is the chazas, we will cooperate in adapting the chazdromes so that they can improve the sporting performance of the players,” explained the head of the international handball entity and confirmed Soliger, a firm defender of the solidarity that It unites the “sports side with the cultural and emotional side”, that this way of working “summarizes the values ​​that the International Bilota Manu Federation wants to convey.” The African project in Uganda is under preparation.

Three city halls could be more

At the moment there are three city councils, Godelleta, Simat de la Valldigna and El Genoves, “those who said yes to the first call,” said one soldier, “but I am sure there will be more city councils that will join, and we think they will not be from Not only Valencia, but also municipalities or European institutions that want to help expand one wall, which in this case is the most international method, but any of the methods that have a place in the CIJB.”

Caixa Popular, upside down

“Values ​​that are conveyed outside our territory correspond to the values ​​we have in offices, serving the people and with Valencian sport.” This is how Juan Colomer, director of the Caixa People’s Office in Chiva, summed up the reasons that prompted the bank to join the Pilota Ario del Mon project.

Institutional support: municipalities and commons

Raphael immediatelyMayor Gudeleta: “For us this is pride, because the ball leads us to great challenges. It makes us enter Europe, it takes us to the American continent, we have been the central hub of the ball at the regional level as well as at the international level. We put the ball a lot, but he gave us a lot.”

berry backMayor of El Genovés: “I want to give my full support to the project and wish it the greatest success in the world. We would like to thank you for joining this programme.”

Victor MansanetMayor Simat de la Valldigna: “For us, the ball is a magical thing. It keeps alive a sport that was part of our past. Handball is spread all over the world, and I would like to thank the CIJB for its initiative and especially Alberto Soldier.”

Joseph Mikel MoyaGeneralitat Valenciana, General Director of Sport: “Pilota Arreu del Món is a program that combines sport and solidarity. I hope this project will become a reality. I would like to thank everyone for your work and we hope you will tell us how it progresses to see how we can cooperate from Generalitat.”

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