Fake Anniversary Letter “Giving Gifts”

Fake Anniversary Letter “Giving Gifts”

Amazon will not turn 30 in 2021 nor does it make products to celebrate it. A scam reaches users via WhatsApp saying that Jeff Bezos’ company will give away a million products and to share one product, you will have to spin the roulette wheel.

This message was only received by users in Mexico through a link that redirects to Amazon SpinRoulette with “various prizes” ranging from tennis to smartphones to even laptops.

In order to spin the wheel, you must be an “member” of Amazon, so the site will ask you to register or enter your account information. This puts your personal data, email, password, and banking information at risk.

To get your prize, the page asks you Share the dynamic link with your WhatsApp contacts and download an application. Avoid installing it as it is a virus that steals the data stored on your smartphone or computer.

If you receive this message via WhatsApp, ignore it and avoid opening it and inform the contact who sent them about the scam so that they can make the necessary changes to their Amazon account.

Another form of fake 30th anniversary fraud

This is not the only fraud that people fall victim to through a link distributed via WhatsApp. Another supposed gift arrives on Tuesday and redirects you to the message it is supposed to Amazon chose you as one of the 100 winners of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

The message includes a link saying all you need to do is Answer a questionnaire to assess service qualityBut you’ll only have more than three minutes to do this.

Amazon Whatsapp Anniversary Scam

After questions from users on social networks about this supposed anniversary Amazon promotion, the company used one of its official Twitter accounts to ensure it was a fraud and identity theft.

These types of messages are a phishing campaign targeting these users Enter your personal data on the sites that pretend to be companies or banking institutions To steal that data and commit fraud. Also, amazon It will complete the 26th on July 5.

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