Family Fee for Primary Care Plan


Pilar Rodriguez Ledo, Senior Vice President of SEMG.

Once again, family doctors remain “cold” and “concerned” about the new primary care action plan that the Department of Health has put on the table. “It is the 25th document that we have seen in recent years It’s okay as a declaration of intent but it’s not enough“, as stated in statements to medical writing Pilar Rodriguez Lido, Senior Vice President of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG).

“the Primary health care It needs less philosophy and more reality, there is no time to waste,” Rodriguez Ledo stressed after analyzing the provisions set forth in the document. In this line, he asserts that”The core needs serious funding But setting the numbers, that is, formalizing the percentage of our health spending and figuring out what has a place and what does not.”

Similarly, Rodriguez Ledo highlighted the need to “reorganize tasks and decide who will do what so that professionals can dedicate ourselves to doing what we can add more value to.” And he wanted to add to that another measure: “Don’t put up with all those bureaucratic burdens that don’t add value that make us first-rate administrators and so on. We can act like real doctors“.

Regarding this, the vice president claims that “you have to go down to the ground and figure out the financing number and see what percentage will respond to the needs.” In addition, he asserts, “This is not only a primary care problem, but a health exhaustion problem. So, what the major needs is health system reform.”

“Paper backs everything but we can’t waste any more time. The shelter system puts pressure on action”

To this, he wanted to add that “although it is much more complex, we should not organize ourselves by levels of care, but rather do so through another formula that improves more and meets the needs of our population.” Rodriguez Ledo stressed the importance of “implementing a plan of action that can be implemented and that can be put into practice tomorrow.”

Improve human resources, beyond new hires

The Vice President stresses the commitment to have a “human resources (HR) policy, other than the fact that we are hiring new employees or implementing opponents.” Within this framework, he clarified, “We not only urgently need human resources, but also an organization that will allow them to be placed in the places where they are most needed and provide essential service to the population.”

Finally, Rodriguez Ledo lamented, “I’ve been working on the system for 32 years and during all that time we’ve been talking about the same thing. We are tired and we don’t waste any more timeHe concluded by saying, “The position that although the newspaper supports everything, the state of the health system is pressing for action.”

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