FBI finds document revealing foreign government’s nuclear capability among seized Trump mansion

A document describing the military defenses of a foreign government. including its nuclear capabilitiesare among the files seized by the FBI last month at former President Donald Trump’s Florida mansion, the British newspaper The Guardian reported. Washington Post.

The report, which cited people familiar with the matter, No foreign government specified In question, it did not make clear whether it was an ally or hostile to the United States.

Representatives for Trump and the Department of Justice did not immediately respond to requests for comment Reuterswhich handled the matter separately.

FBI Recovered more than 11,000 documents and photos The US government during a search of the former president’s home, which took place on August 8.

According to a report The Washington Postsigned by Devlin Barrett and Carol Leoning, some documents seized Details of top-secret US operations That requires special permits, not just top secret permits.

The report said some of the documents were so restrictive that even some top national security officials in the Biden administration were not authorized to review them. Mail.

The US Department of Justice is investigating Trump Government records deleted from the White House after his departure in January 2021 and stored in Mar-a-Lago. (rts)

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