Film about Our Lady hits theaters in Mexico

Film about Our Lady hits theaters in Mexico

January 26, 2023 / 4:05 PM

Gabe Jacoba, Director of the International Catholic Film Festival, announced the upcoming premiere in Mexico of Marian’s film “Madre Fin” by Goya Producción.

Marian’s long-awaited film “Madre Ven” hits cinemas in Mexico at Cinemex. It is truly an impressive movie, because it is possible that we will meet with the love, presence and protection of our Blessed Mother.

This is “a personal encounter with that mother given to us by God” and “he understands and knows the smallest details of our hearts, our needs, shortcomings, professions, pain, sorrow and joy.” She explained that with this film we can see and find that motherhood.

“Mother Come” is a documentary that “shows how a whole movement in Spain came together to make a journey with a precious image of the Immaculate Conception” nearly 11,000 kilometers away for six months in Spain, where thousands accompanied it.

Gabe Jacoba told ACI Prensa that “now our mother comes on a pilgrimage to the theaters of Mexico to reach hearts, embrace us, and fill us with love and hope.”

“The experience that everyone goes through when watching this movie is shocking,” he stressed. “We are happy because it is the first season of 2023 of the Catholic Film Festival,” he added.

“Madre Come” directed by Andrés Garrigo and Pablo Moreno; It opens in Mexico on February 2, Candlemas Day; on February 9 in Central America, and on February 10 in the United States.

Marianne can also be seen in Uruguay on February 8 and 15; and in Argentina and Paraguay on March 2.

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