Find the different word and break the record – teach me about science

Find the different word and break the record – teach me about science

These types of visual challenges have become very popular on social networks because they are a quick and effective way to exercise the brain and put brain gymnastics into practice. This pastime is healthy for the brain, so it is recommended for people of all ages.

Visual challenges usually have a target that can be found by sight and more than 90% set a time, so that the player can complete the target in this period and thus his skill level can be measured.

This time we bring you fun mystery A visual created by the team at awesome guruThis gorgeous purple spreadsheet shows us a string of one word that, at first glance, seems perfect, however, there is a word that shouldn’t be in the picture, so it needs to be located and removed from the spreadsheet.

The task is straightforward, you should find a word different from the rest within seconds, if you are a puzzle lover, you may find it very easy to solve, however, do not trust yourself, you may not find it as fast as you expect and not give an answer before the specified time.

Put your eyes and your experience in full mode

Find the different word in less than 6 seconds

picture: awesome guru

time is over!

We’ve already put your awesome observational skills to the test. If you can find the word, you should keep checking your answer, otherwise we will just tell you that you need more experience, persistence and firmness for puzzles, nothing special, you can improve by solving more visual puzzles.

What is the different word?

Finally, it’s time to reveal the hidden word in the spreadsheet which is different from the rest.

picture: awesome guru

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