Sakurai shares his opinion of 60 and 30 fps video game

Sakurai shares his opinion of 60 and 30 fps video game

We present an interesting video related to one of the most unique games in our catalog converts. We’re talking in this case about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In the video we leave for you below, we can find out Masahiro SakuraTitle manager, shared a new title on his YouTube channel. In it, he analyzes the section on frame rate in video game development, noting that 60 fps for him is “ideal” and 30 is “proper”:

60fps is an ideal frame rate when possible, but 30fps is a common standard…and 30fps is still more than enough for gaming.

Remember that the design recently opened its own YouTube channel after that stop sharing Daily catch of the fighting game. Specifically, there are two versions: one in english s Other in Japanese. The two channels are called Masahiro Sakurai on game creation and are expected to provide information on how to make games more fun in game development.

Currently the number of subscribers exceeds 345,000 subscribers. We leave you with Kirby’s video:

what do you think? If you’re interested, you can check out our full coverage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on this link.


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