Finding Emotional Well-Being Also At Work (4 Keys To Help You Achieve It)

Finding Emotional Well-Being Also At Work (4 Keys To Help You Achieve It)

he overworka confrontation with the partnerAnd Too many working hoursrelationship with a sublimityAnd Worrying about acceptance of others…of course we have emotional well-being work imbalance. Don’t try to avoid it directly: It’s impossible, most things beyond your control. If you want to get it by the handle, better learn Rebalance your emotional well-being. here they are 4 Jolly Smith keysan American clinical psychologist who explains Mental health in an easy and simple way.

4 keys to finding emotional well-being in the office

Control emotional well-being It has nothing to do with Emotion management. Get clear about these four keys to emotional smartness He will help you You feel better at work.

Don’t beat yourself up every day with the excuse that you’ll recover on vacation.

he Care It is cultivated day by day, not gluttony. Are you one of those You endure a toxic environment All year long because you will actually get Rest from time to time? according to Dr. Smith-If you work all week to fatigue and wear lifestyle Unhealthy because you already think so You will recover on the weekend or on vacationyou are wrong. “It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s what you eat between New Year’s and Christmas.” This wise rule can also be applied to health and well-being: If you change your daily life, you change your life. Looking at video To understand this idea:

Don’t insist on letting go of stress, look for valves to release it.

delete the stress at work literally impossible. With a simple example we can understand it. “he pressure It’s like this hose we can never turn off.” Julie Smith. The same thing happens in life, they always appear New challenges All the way, but the good news is we don’t have to Be at his mercyHow are the mechanisms that help us activate this Reduce intensity of our response to stress. For example: physical exercise, meditation, etc… Look at video To understand:

If you’re really worried about what they think of you at work, you’re pretty obvious.

according to Dr. SmithIt is normal and healthy to adapt behavior to different social groups but, “If I were you Respect my self Totally depends on others opinionsYou give up control Care to others. “What can you do Be clear about your values And protect them? Spend some time asking yourself what ideas you want to base your values ​​on: What kind of person do you want to be? What would you like to contribute to your family, to your business, to the world? How would you like to deal with difficulties Or problems when they arise? What aspects of your life are most important to you? See more questions in this video:

Don’t hold back your feelings, go through them to release them.

when You feel bad For some reason: argument, anger, etc., at the first sign emotional pain We do something to prevent it, explains Dr. Smith. But this is not the solution long-term. “It seems silly to think about it All sentiments are welcome When our instinct is to push them away. But when we turn to emotions with curiousityWe no longer need Fighting wasted energy against them. “What does this mean?” Allow your feelings to be there to feel the sensations they bring you and to calm yourself down as they pass. “You can do it” Find the words to describe it how do you feel, without turning away from it abruptly, but little by little. emotions Temporary experiences that washes you inwardly video To understand it better:

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