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Lopez ObradorAnd his team took a big risk on December 1, 2018, when they promised that “the right to health will be fulfilled.” Three Words: Truth, Law, and Health make up a complex and desirable trilogy. Thus are some of the difficulties: Modification means complication. On that day, López Obrador began his commitment to the Mexican people. Health, which is a priority issue for any person and society, is one of the major obligations of any nation. The vast majority, including rich countries, except perhaps Scandinavia, fail: health services are scarce and sometimes of poor quality. United State As an example: 11% of the population lacks insurance while 25% of Americans, because of its cost, do not go to Medical consultation.

In other countries such as Canada or Great Britain, the waiting list for certain procedures, such as hip replacement, is very long, sometimes over a year. What is happening in very poor countries is nothing new. While life expectancy in Japan and Switzerland is 86 and 85 years, respectively, in Angola and Zambia it is 38 years and in Swaziland it is 31 years. Talk about health And the state is required.

At home again. AMLO and its teams have risked a lot health And Economy at the beginning of his term. They promised the unbelievable: they offered to guarantee the population optimal medical care, as well as free medicines. The initial focus of attention will be the poorest regions. And soon the climax came: “The program will be expanded little by little until we achieve it, in the middle of six yearsto establish a health system of the first order, as in Canada or the Nordic countries.” Although it would have been impossible for the then High Chief to have known the intricate intricacies of health, yet his vision of the poverty of the country, having traveled from corner to corner, was It should alert him to the impossibility of establishing a health system of “first class” when more than half of the population lived in a state of poverty or squalor.

The weight of words is enormous: they mean what they mean. Although it is possible to delete it, it is not the best option. There is very little left until the end of the six-year period. Everything is missing until the words of the AMLO team become reality. Although caused by an epidemic SARS-CoV-2 Health has been deteriorating all over the world, including ours, and its health does not explain the dire condition poor people face in order to receive quality medical care. There is no need for a reality check. During the height of the epidemic, more people died than the poor.

The AMLO team didn’t like the Seguro Popular you created Vincent Fox In 2003, a system in which large proportions, especially informal workers of the unprotected population, receive medical care. For this reason, in November 2019 the government established the Institute for Health for Well-Being (INSABI). According to AMLO, the popular insurance It didn’t work, and it was “neither safe nor popular”. A few days before the disappearance My proportions. Why didn’t Insabi work? Inadequate planning, lack of resources, improvisation, little investment, and leaders with little preparation. In addition to the above, and because of the AMLO hypothesis, which asserts that corruption dominated the purchase of medicines mediated by IMSS, the shortage of medicines was wrong and brutal, as the children’s parents denounced on multiple occasions. diseases.

AMLO’s six-year term will expire soon. His promises about health remained promises.

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