Finland confirms that Russia cut off electricity supplies

Finland confirms that Russia cut off electricity supplies

exports Electricity from Russia towards Finland It was suspended from Friday to Saturday evening, hours after it was previously announced Russian supplier of energy, said a Finnish official in the sector.

The company responsible for importing Russian electricity at FinlandAnd Nordic Rawwhich owns 100% of its Russian capital, had announced on Friday that the offer would be suspended due to non-payment, at a time when it was Helsinki Getting ready to submit his candidacy NATO.

Timo Kokkonen, chief operating officer of Fingrid, the Finnish operator, confirmed that Russian exports to Finland are “currently equal to zero. This has been the case since midnight (9:00 PM GMT), as it was announced.”

The network operates thanks to imports from Sweden, according to real-time information from Fingrid, which announced on Friday that it could do without Russian electricity.

Finland imports 10% of its electricity from Russia.

Helsinki-based RAO Nordic is a subsidiary of Russia’s InterRAO. And on Friday, he justified his decision not to pay the fees for electricity that had been provided to Finland since May 6.

No details were provided about whether these payment issues are related to European sanctions imposed on Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.

The announcement to end the electricity supply to Finland coincides with an increase in tension between the two countries due to the Scandinavian country’s will to submit its candidacy for NATO membership in the coming days, most likely on Sunday.


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