Gomita reveals the sad reason for her addiction to plastic surgery | video

Gomita reveals the sad reason for her addiction to plastic surgery |  video

send me urdazKnown on TV as “gummy”He was one of the guests on the show Silvia OlmedoAlthough the full recording has not been published, there are actually some parts online where relevant information about the young woman’s life is revealed.

He was talking about some of the situations he went through Chewy bear candyOne of the points that was touched upon was its closeness to performance plastic surgeryshe admitted that she practices one every year, because in this way she can attract the attention of her mother, brothers, siblings and all members of her family.

He described that he underwent the restoration of his nose and beard, pectomyliposculptor, pump, breasts and others, because it confirms that when the operation is performed, it is a moment to take advantage of it to rest from work.

“Every year I make one surgeryat that moment each of them surgery It was a little bit of a concern from my family, and from my parents, because it was a lot of work, and we had a lot of work, and every weekend it was work, work, work, and it was always ‘when we have time to ourselves, so that little space was comforted me and attracted everyone’s attention,”


The video Soon filled with comments to respond to what he explained Chewy bear candySome fans mentioned that they now understand the thoughts of many people who have decided to undergo surgeries to modify parts of their body.

Marchesetta Cortez wrote: “There is always something behind every action or reaction, but many criticize only without knowing what is going on in each person.”

“Aside from our criticism of people’s bodies, they also influence those decisions,” Maddy Niles said.

Melissa Perez said, “Jomita also suffers because of what her father did, what her parents lived, especially her mother, and fortunately she was strong, and that is why I love her.”

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